Review: Wolford Pure 50 Tights (Updated: 20/04/18)

       I bought these a while ago, but it was not until now that the weather is cold enough to bring them out of the closet.  If you live in the southern hemisphere, you are either two seasons ahead of people in northern hemisphere or vice versa, ha!


  • Exceptionally comfortable to wear.
  • Glued seam matches perfectly with tight clothing
  • Susceptible to snag but barely visible thanks to opaque nature.
  • Creates fluffy balls as a result of friction with other fabrics (updated 22/08/16).

First look & packaging

       Just wanted to point out that that the same gesture in the front cover has been used in several Wolford products.  It may not trouble shop assistants but can be confusing when browsing the online shop.

Wolford Pure 50 01

Appearance & texture

       The tights are presented in a matte and opaque finish.  The seam that glued the two parts of the pantyhose together is about 1cm wide and is barely thicker than the adjacent pantyhose.  The cotton cosset is sewed rather than glued.  In addition, the 5.5cm waistband ensures best comfort possible.

Wolford Pure 50 03Wolford Pure 50 04

Above: Glued seam viewed from inner side.

Wolford Pure 50 05

Size range

       From XS to XXL*, these tights are designed to fit every human being on the planet.  In addition, these tights are really stretchy.  You could potentially go down a size if you land in between.

Wolford Pure 50 06


       There are seven colours to choose from, which from my point of view, reflects the cold, dark winter very well.  The one I reviewed is Admiral, which resembles a dark blue colour.  The Admiral colour itself is quite interesting because it appears black under the shade, and only reveals its true colour under bright light (picture below).  Worth noting that the Dark Orchid colour is very close to the “Colour of the Year 2015” published by Pantone.

Wolford Pure 50 09


       Have you ever had the experience that you have been wearing something all day long but you still wanted to keep it on because it is so comfortable that you don’t want to take it off?  Well, this is the case for me with Pure 50 tights.  I have had Individual 42 tights, Cotton Velvet tights, Merino Rib Leggings.  I even tried cotton tights from other brands, but when it comes to comfort, none of them can compete with Pure 50.

       The glued seam is virtually indistinguishable when I paired it with Wolford fatal dress.  I even tried pushing my bottom forwards deliberately, thereby making the dress as attached to the skin as possible.  And as you can see in the pictures below, only three bumps are visible at close range, and are more associated with the waistband than the seam itself.  Furthermore, I don’t feel them when I walk or exercise, as opposed to traditional sewed seam.  I would say it is definitely a must-have if you wear tight clothing.

       The tights are not 100% perfect though, as they do get snagged quite easily.  However, thanks to their opaque nature, small snags are not clearly visible.

Wolford Pure 50 07Wolford Pure 50 08Wolford Pure 50 10

Final Words

       Pure 50 has been on the market for more than a year.  I have seen many reviews as well as photos shared by celebrities, fashion bloggers and individuals, whether it is a personal sharing or as a method of marketing.  It is not until I personally tried it on to realise how comfortable they really are.  Moreover, the glued seam is amazing in the way that not only it is indistinguishable even at close range, but also unnoticeable to feel.  Of course Pure 50 is not perfect: the new developed yawn combined with the knitting method is quite susceptible to snag**, even though the snags are not always clearly visible due to its opaque nature.  Perhaps Wolford research team can work on this further.  The price is €39 or £37, and is available throughout the year.

You can purchase these online: Wolford online shop (English)

*Of note, if you are after XXL, you may have to make special order or buy it from online shop.
**This is based on personal comparison with Wolford Individual 40 tights series and Cotton Velvet Leggings.


  • Price change.  (20/04/18)
  • Wolford has added 5 new shades to its popular product, making the colours available to 12.  I have attached the palettes below.  (06/10/16)wolford-pure-50-12

(Source: Wolford Pure 50 Tights)

  • Few fluffy balls developed at the back of the calf, just under the back of the knee.  Probably as a result of friction between the tights and the pants I have been wearing.  I am not sure if this is a generic issue for opaque tights or related to personal habit, as I had Fluffy balls on Wolford Cotton Velvet Leggings and Individual 40 tights before.  (22/08/16)

Wolford Pure 50 11