Review: Gerbe Ethnic Colours Tights (Updated: 09/08/16)

       Realising that the company has withstand for more than a century, I know reviewing Gerbe is a must.  Though I favoured more the Voile series, but I can only obtain what is available online.  So I aimed their most recent highlights for the summer…


  • Snag easily but don’t run and barely noticeable because of nude colour.
  • Friction occurs frequently and widespread.
  • May need to downsize as tights are made slightly larger and are lack of elastane (updated 09/08/16).

First look & packaging

       Unlike Wolford or Fogal, the inner cardboard that hold the tights in position is made of a long rectangular piece  and is folded in half.  There were some debris left on the tights and careful examination of the cardboard revealed rough edges on the cardboard.  I think the cutting machines may need a calibration.

Gerbe Ethnic Colour Tights 01Gerbe Ethnic Colour Tights 02

Appearance & texture

       The tights has a 15 denier appearance and comes in a transparent matte finish.  Its texture is very similar to Wolford Nude 8 tights, Transparency 10 tights or Luxe 9 tights, which in my own opinion, is very susceptible to snag.  The pantyhose is not specifically shaped to mark the ankles and the heel, therefore you could potentially wear back-to-front.  The product description does mention that the toes are reinforced but I would say the reinforcement is very slight.  In addition, the waistband is 4.5cm wide.

Gerbe Ethnic Colour Tights 03Gerbe Ethnic Colour Tights 05

Size range

       Gerbe uses numbers to represent different sizes, from 0 as the smallest (145-155cm/40-45kg) to 8 being the largest size (180-190cm/105-125kg).  Ethnic Colours Tights are manufactured between size 0 and size 6.

Gerbe Ethnic Colour Tights 06


       The colours ranges from “Au Naturel” (fairly light pink) to “Opéra” (like the colour of tar).  I chose “Beige” (second from the left), which is a light-greyish yellowish brown, or a pale to greyish yellow colour.  It is a French word originally mean natural wool that has been neither bleached nor dyed, and hence also the colour of natural wool.

Gerbe Ethnic Colour Tights 07

(Source: Gerbe Ethnic Colours Tights)


       I will first say things I like about Gerbe Ethnic Colours tights…  I can feel the slight heavier denier and therefore more silky/synthetic, when I compare it to Wolford Nude 8 tights.  Tights made like these are especially susceptible to snag and I got one when I put it on for the first time.  However, it didn’t run, and the snag was barely visible due to its nude nature.

Gerbe Ethnic Colour Tights 08Gerbe Ethnic Colour Tights 09

       What I don’t like…  Firstly, the size does not fit very well despite I chose the recommended size based on the size chart.  It was some what larger and became baggy around the knees instantly when I stepped forward.  My guess is that these tights do not contain elastane and therefore lacks the elastic capability.

       Secondly, it created a lot of friction when I tried to put my Wolford fatal dress on (as I always do in my previous reviews).  In fact, the friction was so great and widespread that I was afraid I could damage the tights or the dress or generate static electricity, and as a result I gave up.  Interestingly, I didn’t have the same problem when I fitted the dress with Wolford Nude 8 Tights.  I would like to experiment it with pants or jeans and see what happens.

       Lastly, the seam that binds the waistband and the pantyhose is floating instead of attached (as seen in the picture below).  Hence, it can roll and turn into a rubber band, which is not comfortable to wear.

Gerbe Ethnic Colour Tights 04


       Frankly speaking I was disappointed with the product.  From the technology point of view, I was expecting it to be on par with or even better than Wolford, given its century old foundation.  From the price point of view, £26.50 would allow you to purchase 2 pairs of Wolford Transparency 10 Tights which has very similar appearance and texture.  However, to be fair, I would like to get hold of other Gerbe products for review or perhaps to visit a retail shop in the future.  For now, I certainly would not recommend Ethnic Colours Tights.  You can find it in retail stores or online should you wish to try it.

Gerbe Online Shop: Ethnic Colours Tights


       I spoke to a shop assistant about my experiences when I visited a Gerbe Boutique in Taipei.   She told me that the Ethnic Colours Tights are indeed made more loose then other Gerbe tights.  Therefore Size 2 would be more suitable despite my height.  However, She said I should go for Size 3 for any other Gerbe collections.  (09/08/16)

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I love your reviews on hoisery.
– Detailed (very) explanation and description
– High resolution close up pictures


Hi Sandy, thank you for letting me know. I really like reviewing them. If you have suggestions or advices, feel free to let me know. Have a fantastic weekend~ Allan


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