Review: Wolford Stardust Leggings

       When I first saw the press release, I thought “that looks like the shiny pair of tights I purchased back in the early 2000’s”.  Although I have forgotten the name of the product (not the Versailles tights for those wondering), both looked very much alike, and was targeted especially for holiday season.  Given that I have tried the previous one, I am eager to see how these leggings perform, so here we go.


  • Loose-fit pants than slim-fit leggings
  • Comfortable to the skin
  • Seam on inner-side of leg
  • Elegant glitter

Appearance & texture

       Stardust Leggings have an opaque (100 denier) appearance.  The silver-coloured thin threads are interwoven into the leggings, and therefore the glittering effect.  It is without a cotton gusset, and has a seam that runs along the inner-side of the leg.  The leg opening is approximately 10cm on one side and the waistband is 3cm wide. The mere 2% elastane implicates it is not very stretchy.  Careful examination revealed a snag before wearing.

Wolford Stardust Leggings 01

Wolford Stardust Leggings 06

Size range

       The size ranges from XS to L.  The same chart has been used in a variety of tights and leggings by Wolford.

Wolford Stardust Leggings 07


Two variations are available for this product: Black/Silver and May Black (Orchid/Silver).  The latter colour resembles to that of red seedless grape.

(Source: Wolford Stardust Leggings)


       “What happened to the slim-fit as advertised on the front cover?” I mean I chose size S as recommended; I have wore Cotton Velvet and Opaque 80 Leggings of the same size, but none of them are oversized.  To demonstrate how loose they are, I have attached the photos below.  If loose-fitting is exactly what you are looking for, then choose the size as recommended by the size chart.  However, if you opted for a more slim-fit as I do, then choose your size carefully!

       The material is relatively soft and comfortable.  The glittering tights I bought long time ago also has silver shiny threads interwoven, but the thread is at least two times thicker than that of the Stardust Leggings.  Because the threads are made from a more rough material, it made my skin itchy.  This time however, the threads are thin enough that they didn’t cause any irritation.

       I tend to avoid leggings with seam running along the inner-side of the leg, especially when it is tight-fitting.  Stardust leggings however, turned out to be alright.  Partly because the material is relatively soft and partly (or should I say accidentally), it is loose-fit, hence the seam is barely noticeable.

Wolford Stardust Leggings 10Wolford Stardust Leggings 11Wolford Stardust Leggings 12Wolford Stardust Leggings 13Wolford Stardust Leggings 14


       The knitting technique has certainly improved over the years to give this interwoven leggings better comfort to its predecessor.  Both colours looks equally great for the evening occasions and the elegant glittering makes you stand out.  The size-fitting is an issue though, how you choose (combined with your outfit) will certainly affect your looking.  I would suggest to treat them as loose-fitting pants than slim-fit leggings.

       Stardust leggings are available and you are very likely to get a bargain.  Also available as tights.

Wolford Online Shop (U.K.)

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