Review: Philippe Matignon Nudité Solaire Tights

       I did not know a lot about other brands except Wolford when I first started this blog, so I asked my friend who is also a tight lover, for recommendations.  One of the brands she replied is Philippe Matignon.  Recently, UK Tights added this brand into their stock, hence I decided to give it a go…


  • Low-waist brief for more style possibilities.
  • Dynamic shimmer on the legs.
  • Moderately stretchy but do become baggy.

First look & packaging

       The tights are elegantly folded in a tri-fold cardboard and packaged in a plastic sleeve.  It took me couple of minutes to figure out how to remove the tights from the packaging without damaging them because the cardboard opens sideways (like a illustrated book), but not a big deal once you are familiar with it.


Appearance & texture

       The Nudité Solaire tights are ultra transparent (8 denier).  It exhibits a subtle shimmer under ambient lighting and becomes glossy under direct sunlight.  The panty is semi-transparent and interestingly, it is relatively short, measuring only 11cm from the crotch to the waistband when lay on flat surface.  There is no gusset; the brief is knitted into one piece of fabric with the crotch being 5cm wide.  In addition, the tights have a seam-free body; the pantyhose are sewn together using a special technique with the result being open-knit lines.  The waistband is 3.5cm wide and the toes are not reinforced.


       The Composition is 83% polyamide and 17% elastane.  It has a very similar texture to that seen in the Levante Class Regular Tights I reviewed a while ago.

Size range

The size chart provided by the Manufacturer is pretty much self-explanatory.



Surprisingly, there is only three colours to choose from, as shown below.


Source: Philippe Matignon Nudité Solaire Seamless


       First of all, I would not recommend using worn hosiery gloves on this particular tights because the pilling on the gloves could interact with the yarn, thereby causing snag.  However, they are amazing once you have them on.  The waistband sits comfortably on the anterior superior iliac spine, (i.e., the bony projection at the side of the body just below the waist).  Such low-waist brief combined with seam free knitting provides limitless possibility for style.  In addition, the crotch is made wide enough even for men.

       The most distinctive feature of the Nudité Solaire tights I found is its dynamic appearance.  It is ultra transparent and relatively matte under dim light, exhibits subtle shimmer in ambient lighting (e.g., indoors with lights on) and becomes elegantly glossy when exposed to direct sunlight.  I have seen tights made by other manufactures that possess similar feature, but not as distinctive as Nudité Solaire tights (and certainly not with low-waist brief).  I have attached images below to demonstrate this (please bear in mind that due to lighting, the colour of the tights in the image may not truely reflect the colour of the tights our eyes perceive).

       The tights are moderately stretchy, but do become baggy around the knees at the end of the day.  The size 3-M encompasses heights from 162.5cm to 180cm (5’4” – 5’11”) when the weight is between 55kg – 60kg.  On the other hand, the Falke Shelina 12 Tights uses 40% polyurethane (a form of elastane) for a height range of 15cm, Fogal Catwalk Tights (10 denier) has 40% elastane for height range of 15cm, and Levante Class Regular Tights (12 denier) has only 15% elastane but for a height range of only 12.5cm.  Based on the above figures, it is possible that to accommodate a height range of 17.5cm, a significant proportion of elastane is necessary.



       The Nudité Solaire tights are packed with cool features that is difficult to avoid, especially if you are pairing it with low-waist clothing or going for a party, surely it won’t let you down.  Price-wise, I bought for £10.99 but you can buy them for just £7.99 if you live within the EU, that is really great value!  You can find these tights in the link below:

Philippe Matignon Online Shop (Via Goldenpoint)