Hosiery arts

A “bit” of myself

       Made another image of myself.  Focus more on the side of the face this time to show my ponytail.  It was built layer-upon-layer to give a more rounded face.  Deliberately let the ponytail fly~


Created: 22/09/16

2 replies on “A “bit” of myself”

Thank you for visiting my blog. I live outside EU, so I am exempt from VAT if I order from certain EU-based online shop. That saves me quite a few.

Before go into your question, I would like to take a step back, because I am seeing two trends. Firstly, there has been a trend for androgyny in the fashion industry with a scale unprecedented. Secondly, men are encouraged to wear tights/leggings for functionality before, during and after exercise/sports. Both trends happen to promote men wearing tights/leggings. Perhaps the most interesting thing is that although men wearing tights gained publicity on the runway, it is ads of renowned athletes and images of male celebrities wearing tights/leggings that changed people’s perception (which could have in turn affected designers). Therefore, going back to your question, I think the fashion industry is yet to figure out an universal outfit for men with tights, whether stand alone or as a part of the androgyny, that not only looks stylish but also is acceptable to the general public. This is not going to be easy, as people comes in different sizes and shapes. But the movement has started.


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