Wolford talks about technological innovation and future of the brand

       Few hours ago, Selfridges London invited Wolford’s Creative Director Grit Seymour and Director of Development Andreas Rohrich to talk about technological innovation and the future of the brand.  I have jotted down a few notes which you may find it interesting…

  • Sustainability & eco-fashion: Wolford is currently developing a biodegradable fabric which will be used in lingerie and maybe in hosiery.  Worn products made from this type of fabric can be returned to Wolford, which can be deformed to make new yarn.
  • The product vision is to go into technology and “emotion”. Specifically, to create every single product completely seamless.
  • 3D printing technology will be used on the SS17 swimsuit collection.
  • Yet another new technology: traditional seam is replaced by a silicon line, therefore elasticity is not lost around the binding.
  • New generation of shape wear: will utilise an innovative knitting method so that the effect is only applied from the side and not vertically, therefore the clothing does not roll up/down as you move.
  • New skin shades in the pipeline.

You can watch the 32min video below:

Source: Selfridges Facebook Page