Review: Wolford Individual 10 Complete Support (Updated: 20/04/18)

       People go for body shaping hosiery because they need the vitalising property and/or the silhouette that the hosiery manifests.  I like them simply because they are generally more durable than those that doesn’t have shape & control properties and are less likely to become loose & baggy.  However, to really benefit from the properties, tights made of high quality is of essence.

       When talking about high quality body shaping hosiery, it is difficult not to skip Wolford, who have been making them since 1977.  There are support for legs only, for the lower torso only and for both (i.e., complete support), in different denier appearance.  In this review, we will be looking at Individual 10 Complete Support – shape & control tights with sheer appearance.


  • Sheer tights with complete support
  • Strong support on the lower torso and moderate support on the legs
  • Push up effect on the bottom
  • Very elastic and durable

Appearance & texture

       Individual 10 Complete Support tights has a different construction for panty and hose.  The panty has an opaque and matte appearance.  Its knitting structure resembles very fine ribs, and a texture of an elastic feel.  A stripe is incorporated in the panty to give a lift-and-shape effect.  The hose is transparent (10 denier appearance) in a matte finish.  The leg and the feet part are constructed as one single piece.  There is no knitted heel and toe section is not reinforced.  Between the panty and the hose is a stripe of lace measuring 4cm wide when laid flat, which adds an extra touch of femininity.

       Due to high usage of elastane (45%), both the panty and the hose are very elastic (other composition are 54% nylon and 1% cotton).


Above: The image shows how the brief is structured.  Very fine ribs that runs vertically, characterised by a stripe that runs across the side of upper thigh onto the bottom, which has a lift-and-shape effect to the bottom (Source: Wolford Individual 10 Complete Support).


Size range

       The size of Individual 10 Complete Support ranges from XS to L.  I have included the size chart below.  Size S is used in this review.



       There are currently 7 shades available at the time of writing this review.  They are: Caramel, Coca, Cosmetic, Gobi, Sand, Black and Nearly Black.  Powder, the colour I chose for this review, is not currently available.  Such colour is lighter than “Cosmetic”, giving a “creamy white” appearance.


(Source: Wolford Individual 10 Complete Support)


       It is another pair of tights with a deceptive look: appeared to be one size smaller but the fitting is in fact very good.  If I have to be picky, it will be the feet and toe section being made too narrow for my wide feet.

       As you would expect, the lower torso experiences the most support.  Specifically, there is strong presence of shaping & control on the groin, bottom and hips and moderate-to-strong presence on the tummy and upper thigh.  It feels like wearing a boxer brief a size smaller that especially pushes the bottom upwards.  The legs on the other hand, has a moderate presence of support.

       One minor notion is that the panty was described as opaque but to me it is more like semi-transparent.


My verdict

       This is a pair of body shaping tights made in exceptional quality.  Different level of support is exerted on various parts of the lower body, with intricate structure for lifting and shaping the bottom.  They are very durable yet, have a sheer appearance – something you don’t often find on the shelf.  I’d say this is an excellent companion for people who need the extra support but work in the warm environment (e.g., shop assistants in department store), and people who love subtle elegance with its matte, powdering effect.  You can find these tights in retail stores or online for €35 or £35.

Wolford Online Shop (English)


  • Price change.  (20/04/18)