Review: Fogal Brilliance Tights

       Finally, the festival season is over and things are back to normal.  I do favour a break but don’t like it being linked to a special date such as Christmas.  This is partly because everything surrounding me is tied to it; ads, radio channels, shops, decorations, they just keep reminding me that the “big date” is coming.  The other reason is that we have put most of our savings in term deposit and there were unexpected expenses couple months ago, hence we are living on a very strict budget for the past one and half months.  For all these reasons, we had a very plain break, watching films at home, doing gardening, tramping in regional parks, and of course, trying out some hosiery products (pretty much what we have wanted).  For the first review of the year, I’d like to present you with Brilliance tights by Fogal – one of their basic essentials that features sheer appearance and satin sheen.

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • High quality yarn means smooth and silky to the skin
  • No sag or bag thanks to great elasticity
  • Sheer appearance from feet to panty
  • High-priced

First look & packaging

       The packaging is the same as other Fogal tights reviewed a while ago.  I noticed that the tights are made in Slovenia; the only Fogal product I have so far that is not made from Switzerland.  One other thing I’d like to mention is that the tights were caught by the rough edges of the inner cardboard, causing it to snag while I try to separate the two (ouch!)


Appearance & texture

       The Brilliance tights comes in a transparent (20 denier) appearance with satin sheen to the finish.  The panty section also has a sheer appearance and the gusset is made of cotton.  The signature Fogal waistband is comprised of a 2.5cm-wide elastic band and is bound together by two parallel lines of stitches at the rear.  Immediately below the waistband is a 2cm-wide finger band.  Such band extends to the both sides of the seam at the panty, giving a T-shape appearance.  The hose is shaped to the silhouette of the leg and the toe section is lightly reinforced.  Although it is made primarily from nylon, the texture feels smooth, and has a silky touch.

       The composition is 85% nylon and 15% elastane (with no mentioning of gusset made from cotton).


Size range

       Similar to the Fogal tights reviewed prior, there are three basic sizes: Small, Medium and Large. In addition, there are M EXTRA and L EXTRA.  Such sizes have the same length (i.e., height range) as their counterparts but provide more room around the bottom and hips.  Size M is used in this review.


(Source: Fogal Brilliance Tights webpage)


There are three shades available at the time of writing this review: Blossom, Gris and Noir.  The latter is used in this review.


(Source: Fogal Brilliance Tights webpage)


       One of the things I like about Brilliance tights is that they are very comfortable to wear.  Thanks to high quality yarn, the texture is smooth and silky to the skin; the colour is evenly distributed and the slight more evident horizontal pattern gives an extra touch of elegance.  I would describe the satin sheen as discreet shine that is subtle and not very apparent to the eye.

       The elasticity is magnificent!  There is no sag or bag following an entire day of moving around and stretching.

       Although marked as 20 denier, the tights are more transparent than I thought (i.e. around 10-15 den appearance).  I personally favour the transparent panty section, because it is aesthetically better looking when pairing with short shorts or mini skirts.  Furthermore, it traps less heat than tights with semi-transparent brief.


Above: the birthmark on my knee is clearly visible.


Above: the horizontal pattern are more apparent.


Above: the lightly reinforced toe section.

My verdict

       This is a basic essential made from very high quality materials.  They suit every occasion and can easily pair with dresses, skirts or trousers.  However, It has a price tag of CHF$37.50 (approximately £29.79 or €34.95), which in my own opinion, is high-priced.  These tights are available from retail and online:

Fogal Online Shop (English)