Review: Fogal Caresse Tights (Updated: 09/05/17)

       I am Allan and welcome to ilovehosiery.  For those of you who have been visiting my blog would know that I review Fogal products often.  Their top quality and reliable sizing is the key for my affection.  Today I am going to share with you another one of their basic essentials: the Caresse Tights.  In case you haven’t noticed, the review will be split into two for one specific reason.  Be sure to visit ilovehosiery from time to time and you will find out why.

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • High quality design to match the silhouette of the legs
  • Super stretchy thanks to high composition of elastane
  • Very fine and smooth to the skin

First look & packaging

       The outer packaging is very much identical to other Fogal products I reviewed before.  Inside however, has one significant addition.  The thin cardboard that holds the tights in place is now printed with images on one side, showing snapshot of hosiery production.

Fogal Caresse Tights 00Fogal Caresse Tights 01

Appearance & texture

       Caresse are transparent (20 denier) tights in matte appearance.  The texture is very fine and smooth to the touch.  The signature Fogal waistband measures 2.3cm wide and are made from elastic band.  There is no fingerband, meaning the tights are transparent from the toe to the waistband.  Cotton gusset is sewn on the panty; the hose is shaped to the silhouette of the legs.  In addition, the toe section is lightly reinforced but not the heel.

The composition is 64% polyamide and 36% elastane.

Fogal Caresse Tights 02

Above: Official image from Fogal.

Fogal Caresse Tights 03Fogal Caresse Tights 04

Size range

       There are three basic sizes: Small, Medium and Large. In addition, there is also M EXTRA and L EXTRA.  Such sizes have the same length (i.e., height range) as their counterparts but provide more room at the bottom and hips.  Size M is used in this review.

Fogal Caresse Tights 05


       Being one of the basic essentials, Caresse tights has a total of 14 colours to choose from.  I have included the palettes below, from left to right, they are: Blossom, Plage, Capri, Poudre, Taupe, Brazil, Champagne, Nude, Skin, Light grey, Medium grey, Dark Grey, Noir and Midnight.  I have Dark grey for the present review.

Fogal Caresse Tights 06

(Source: Fogal Online Shop)


       I must say, I really like how Fogal design their tights to fit the silhouette of the legs.  The hose evenly envelops the legs, even at lower part of the shank where it is the slimmest.  The colour is distributed evenly from panty to toe; the texture feels very fine and smooth, not towards the silk spectrum like the Brilliance tights but in the sense of natural fibre.

       Having tried the waistbands made from elastic band (Brilliance, Caresse & Catwalk) and knitted band (All Nude), I would say I prefer the latter, which is thinner and less noticeable to the skin.

       The tights are very stretchy thanks to high composition of elastane.  They doesn’t bag or become saggy after prolonged wear (i.e., a whole day).

Fogal Caresse Tights 10Fogal Caresse Tights 11Fogal Caresse Tights 12

Final words

       This is a basic essential made with top quality yarn in highest standards.  Its transparent and matte appearance gives a low profile yet elegant look; the very fine texture tricks you into wearing natural fibre instead of synthetic material.  Regarding the price, you can acquire these tights for CHF47.50 or £26.50; not that friendly but worth every penny.

Fogal Online Shop


You can now find the similarities and differences between size M and MX in here. (09/05/17)