Tights with sustainability in mind – the KUNERT BLUE Collection (Updated: 06/05/17)

KUNERT recently released a new promotional video for their KUNERT BLUE Collection:

       The main feature of this collection is that the yarn used to make these magnificent tights are made from recycled waste such as worn fishing nets and nylon-based recyclable materials.  Moreover, KUNERT’s partners introduce measures that significantly reduce the amount of water used for manufacturing paper for the packaging, as well as the amount of CO2 emission for printing (on the packaging).

       The KUNERT BLUE Collection currently includes three sheer tights (15 DEN, 30 DEN and a fish net version) in up to 7 different shades. The prices are between  €16 and €18.   They are already available in stores and online (link given below).  For the moment, I have only found one e-shop that offers the collection and ships internationally.  If you know more, please share with me in the comments below.

KUNERT official website and online shop (German)

E-Shop: Hosieria (German & English)

       If you want to find out what Wolford has been doing regarding sustainability, you can check it out here.


A clip with English subtitle has been updated by Kunert.  (06/05/17)

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