Review: Wolford Kaylee Tights

       There has been a trend to wear fishnet tights with jeans and leisure footwear such as sneakers.  Rather than emphasising on the “sexy” element that fishnet tights have lot to offer, they serve more of a decor, giving an added touch to the legs.  For this reason, the pattern and matching such with other clothing becomes important.  Today, we look into the Kaylee tights from Wolford, a fishnet tights characterised by macro mesh.

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Macro mesh appearance pleasure to the eye
  • Soft and comfortable fibre to the legs
  • Fine mesh at the toe section

Appearance & texture

Let’s have a look at the overall appearance before we go into the details:

       The Kaylee tights are fishnet tights in macro mesh fashion.  The diameter of the openings can range from 3cm-8cm depending on where they are (in relation to parts of the leg) and how you stretch & measure them.  The fibres are relatively fine and soft to the skin.  The waistband is the standard signature Wolford elastic band measuring 2.5cm wide.  I noticed that the inner side of the elastic band has a layer of plush.  Such feature were also present on my wolford Sixty-Six fishnet tights I bought six years ago, implicating that elastic band with plush as inner layer has been utilised for some years already.  The panty section is seamless and there is no gusset.  The mesh at the toe section are made finer for better comfort.

The composition is 80% nylon and 20% elastane.

Wolford Kaylee Tights 03

Above: Wolford promotion image (Source: Wolford Kaylee Tights)

Wolford Kaylee Tights 04Wolford Kaylee Tights 05Wolford Kaylee Tights 06Wolford Kaylee Tights 07Wolford Kaylee Tights 08

Size range

Wolford offers 4 different sizes, from XS to L.  I have included the size chart below for your reference.  As usual, Size S is used in this review.

Wolford Kaylee Tights 09


       There were four shades (White, Clove, Dark Orchid and Black) to choose from when it was first released an year ago.  Now it will very much depend on availability.  I have included Dark Orchid in this review.

Wolford Kaylee Tights 10

(Source: Wolford Kaylee Tights)


       As usual, size S is perfect on me.  The appearance is also pleasure to the eye.  The size of the openings are in my own opinion, just right and the Dark Orchid matches with my skin colour.

       The mesh offers the sexy looking (which fishnet tights are good at) but in a comfortable and airy fashion.  This is because the fibres are relatively soft to the skin and that the mesh is so wide and spread that they are almost neglected.  In fact, I sometimes forget I am wearing them.  This is different from micro fishnet hosiery, of which the fibres are usually not fine and smooth, and can sometimes be itchy.

       I have been wearing from time to time for the past week and there is no sign of detachment, even at the toes or the heels, where most of the abrasion takes place.

Wolford Kaylee Tights 11Wolford Kaylee Tights 12Wolford Kaylee Tights 13

Final words

       Trends come and go.  Sadly speaking, this also applies to great styles.  Kaylee tights are so versatile that they look equally great as a decor or as a stand alone hosiery.  The only downside now is that they are previous season collection hence the size and/or the colour may be limited.  The tights are priced £31 or €35 originally but you should be able to find them for less than half of this price.

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