Review: Wolford Pure 30 Complete Support Tights (Updated: 20/04/18)

       I talked about how Wolford’s innovative yarn brought the utmost comfort seen in Pure 50 and Pure 10 tights.  I also spoke about the addition of semi-sheer tights and shape & control items will make the range more complete.  What I didn’t anticipate is an item that features both elements.  What’s more, the Pure 30 Complete Support tights don’t look “pure” at all.  Swipe down to find out why.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Strong shaping effect at the panty.
⊕ Medium support on the legs.
⊕ Invisible seam thanks to innovative glued seam.
⊕ Dynamic powdery and slight sheen appearance.

⊗ Colour differences among panty, hose and toe/heel in Caramel.

Appearance & texture

       Since the panty and the hose of the tights differ in many aspects, I have listed them separately.

       The panty has an opaque and matte appearance.  It is constructed in a clever way to best exercise its shaping function.  Specifically, the tummy section is firmly knitted and are less elastic.   The fabric at the rear is looser (i.e., less compression) to provide more room for the bottom.  There is a lift-and-shape effect on the buttocks.  This is achieved by having an elastic stripe running  around and underneath each side of the buttock.

       The hose is semi-sheer (30 denier appearance).  It has a powdery look under ambient light yet exhibits slight sheen under direct sunlight.  The texture feels somewhat synthetic, with moderate to strong tension.

       The waistband measures 6.5cm wide and there is a knitted gusset.  The glued seam that has been used in the Pure range is also present.  There is a 4.5cm-wide band between the panty and the hose, which has a compressive property on the upper thigh.  Both the toes and the heels are reinforced.

The composition is 65% polyamide and 35% elastane.

(Sourced from Wolford)

(Sourced from Wolford)

Size range

       Wolford uses a different sizing for this style.  This will affect you who, otherwise wear size M or larger in standard sizing.  I have included the chart below, and as usual, size S is used in this review.


       There are currently 8 shades available at the time of writing this review.  They are (from left to right): Caramel, Mocca, Cosmetic, Gobi, Fairly Light, Admiral, Black and Nearly Black.  I have bought Black and Caramel for this review.

(Sourced from Wolford)


The fit is somewhat good.  I think Wolford can make the hose narrower and slightly shorter.  This would increase the vitalisation effect on the legs (see below).

When I first laid my eyes on the tights, I thought I need to have my eyes examined.  This is because some parts appear powdery while other parts exhibit slight sheen.  It turned out that the tights has both qualities.  The appearance transforms depending on the amount of light it receives.  For me, this is quite fascinating to see.  One thing I did notice is that in Caramel, the colour of the hose and the heel/toe is different.  This can appear strange when wearing pumps or slingback.  There was also a colour difference between the panty and the hose, but that didn’t concern me much.  Such colour differences were not that evident in black colour.

Generally speaking, comfortableness and shape & control feature doesn’t go side by side.  The texture is relatively soft and comfortable to the skin but is no where near to that of Pure 50 or Pure 10.

The compression by the panty is the strongest I have ever experienced within Wolford’s Shape & Control range.  It flattened my tummy the moment I put it on.  I also need to keep an eye on my food intake whenever I wear them.

       The band at the upper thigh not only sculpts the thigh, but also keeps the hose in place, preventing it to budge.  I don’t seem to get the belt to sit in the right place however, hence a big lump under my buttocks.

       I would say the vitalisation effect on the legs is only moderate.  This is because the hose is made long and wide.  I could feel the pressure at first but gradually loosen as the day went pass.

       The Shape & Control tights that I have worn are all pretty resilient to snag.  Though I haven’t snagged these tights yet (and hope it remains this way), I expect it to have the same standard.

Final words

       The Pure 30 Complete Support Tights are sophisticate than the name suggests.  I like to think it as a incorporation of all the positive features we see from various Wolford tights.  This includes strong compression, glued seam as well as powdery and shiny look.  It is precisely this reason that the item stands out from the rest of the Pure range.  It also represents a new generation in Wolford’s Shape and Control collection.  Of course, the price reflects on this as well.  You can bring them home with you for €49 or £49.

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  • Price change.  (20/04/18)