Comparison Review: Fogal Caresse Tights Size M vs. MX

       The size chart that Fogal provides can be a bit confusing (this is especially the case if you are new to the Brand).  The main reason being is that Fogal included the size range (Small, Medium and Large respectively) and their variants (M EXTRA and L EXTRA; abbreviated as MX and LX respectively) into one size chart, thereby giving a false impression that it is a gradient of 5.  To further complicate the matter, there is no clear distinction between size M and MX if you look the chart closely.  I have been told that the MX maintains the same total length as their counterparts but provides more room for the hips.  Let’s find out if this is true.

Fogal Caresse Tights 05

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First look & packaging

       The packaging is virtually identical between the two sizes.  The sticker on the top right hand corner identifies the size of the tights.  Both pairs are made from Switzerland by the way.

Fogal Caresse Tights 13

Similarities and differences

       The colour for size M is Dark Grey whereas the colour for size MX is Nude.  The two sizes are identical in many ways.  Below is the complete list:

  • The appearance and texture;
  • The total length of the tights;
  • The length of the panty (as measured from the tip of the waistband to the gusset), which is approximately 19.5cm;
  • The length of the waistband: 23” (58cm);
  • The maximum length of the waistband when fully stretched: 32” (81cm);
  • The width of the waistband (2.3cm);
  • The composition (64% polyamide and 36% elastane).

       The only difference I found was the width of the panty, which measures 13.5cm for size M and 16cm for size MX.  Fogal adds a piece of fabric at the rear of the panty to accommodate such difference (see images below).

Fogal Caresse Tights 15Fogal Caresse Tights 16Fogal Caresse Tights 17Fogal Caresse Tights 21Fogal Caresse Tights 22Fogal Caresse Tights 18Fogal Caresse Tights 19Fogal Caresse Tights 20

Above: two seams at the rear of the panty for size MX, approximately 6cm apart.


       The biggest difference I felt when I first put on the MX size tights is that the panty is relatively loose.  The reason I use the word “relative” is because Caresse tights have a high elastane composition, which compensates the feeling of looseness to certain extent.  From another perspective, the panty can accommodate a hip a lot wider than mine (33” or 84cm).

       Much of the extra room is provided by adding a piece of fabric on the rear of the panty.  This means there are two flat seams instead of one.  Coincidently, they happen to be under the sit bones when I am seated.  Not a big deal however, as I tend to forget their presence.  Besides, the length between the sit bones are usually wider in women than in men, hence it should not pose a problem for women.

       The maximum length for the fully-stretched waistband is 32” (81cm).  That said, it starts to get tighter from 30” (76cm).  Hence it would be better to upgrade a size if the waist is greater than 30”.

Final words

       Based on the aforementioned figures, I am confident to say the only difference between size M and MX is the width of the panty.  I would assume that this applies to other Fogal styles that uses the same size chart.  I am not certain though, if such conclusion also applies to size L and LX, given there is a clear distinction between the two in the illustrated size chart.  May be one day I will find out and share it with you.

       The comparison is limited to the notion that I don’t have proper tools to examine the panty in its fully stretched size.  (May be I continuously eat a lot more and gain weight, ha!)

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