Review: Wolford Cam Tights

       Lines, stripes, and decorations on the outer side of the leg are frequently experimented by Wolford.  Today, we look at one of these from their previous trends collection – the Cam Tights.

Wolford Cam Tights 01

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Eye-catching stripe in vivid multicolour.
  • Background in matte with reflective sheen.
  • Sheer-to-waist appearance.

Appearance & texture

       The Cam Tights are sheer-to-waist pantyhose in 20 den appearance.  The tight per se is matte with a reflective sheen.  The main feature of the tights is the stripe that runs on the outer side of the legs from waist to little toe.  It is made up of fragmented, opaque-looking geometric shapes in black or multicolour.  The stripe is widest at the waist, which measures 1cm wide when lay on flat surface and can easily be stretched to 2cm wide.  The Waistband measures 3cm wide and immediately below the waistband, is a 4cm-wide finger band.  The gusset is knitted; neither the toe or the heel is reinforced.

The composition is 82% nylon, 10% elastane and 8% polyester.

Wolford Cam Tights 02

Above: Promotional material retrieved from Wolford.

Wolford Cam Tights 04Wolford Cam Tights 05Wolford Cam Tights 06

Size range

       The size for Cam Tights range from XS to XL.  I have include the chart below.  Size S is used in this review.

Wolford Cam Tights 07


       There were three choices when it hit the market: Black stripe on a Black background, Multicolour stripe on a Gobi background and Multicolour on a Black background.  The Multicolour on a Black background is demonstrated in this review.

版本 2

Above: Multicolour on a Gobi Background (from Wolford Online Shop)


Fit: as usual, the fit is just perfect.  Depending on how you would like it to be, the stripe can be on the side or toward the front/rear of the leg.

Look: the overall appearance is actually far better than the promotional material suggests.  This is because 1) the colour of the fragmented stripe is more vivid, and therefore stands out a lot better, and; 2) the tights has a reflective sheen, which is in harmony with the multicolour of the stripes.  I personally like the fragmented stripe very much, as it mimics the colour-stained glass that we frequently see in historic buildings.  Whether it visually lengthens the legs, I will leave that to you to judge.

Feel: Although somewhat synthetic the texture is relatively soft and smooth.  Despite having only 10% of elastane, the tights are relatively stretchy.

Wolford Cam Tights 08Wolford Cam Tights 09Wolford Cam Tights 10Wolford Cam Tights 11

Final words

       I am glad I picked this up from the Factory Outlet whilst in Bregenz.  The tights not only are comfortable to wear but also are far better looking than I anticipated.  I’d love to see Wolford revise and reintroduce them in collections in the future.  As for now, you could still find Cam Tights in reduced prices in outlet stores.  It is always wise to phone first to check availability.

Wolford Online Shop (U.K.)

If you’d like to find out more about fishnet tights with stripes, you can check them right here: Wolford Sonya Tights.

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