Comparison Review: Fogal Caresse Tights vs. Wolford Individual 20 Tights (Updated: 20/04/18)

       Welcome to my second comparison review.  In this post, I will be comparing two essentials from two well-known brands – the Caresse Tights from Fogal and the Individual 20 Tights from Wolford.  Both are sheer tights in total matte fashion.  Yet, there are subtleties that makes them different.  This is what I am sharing with you.  Since I have covered both items in my regular reviews, I will focus on the differences between the two.  If you are unfamiliar with these two items, you can find the link to the reviews at the bottom of the article.  Also, for better readability, I use “Caresse” and “Individual 20” as an abbreviation for the respective tights.

Similarities and differences

You can find the basic information of the tights used in this comparison:

Fogal Caresse Wolford Individual 20
Denier: 20 DEN 20 DEN appearance
Appearance: Total Matte Total Matte
Waistband: Elastic band with plush inner, 2.3cm wide knitted waistband, 2.5cm wide
Finger band: N/A 5cm wide, semi-sheer fashion
Reinforced toe: N/A Yes, knitted
Reinforced heel: N/A N/A
Composition: 64% polyamide and 36% elastane 83% nylon and 17% elastane
Size: M S
Price: CHF47.50 or £26.50 €29 or £27


       Fogal size M and Wolford Size S is almost identical.  The total length and the length of the panty is virtually the same when hanged.  The fit is great for both of them.  Yet, thanks to its superb elasticity, both tights can accommodate taller people than the size chart suggests.   I would say 1-2cm (half an inch) more for Caresse and 2-3cm (1 inch) for Individual 20.  For example, Wolford recommends size S for 170cm/55kg.  I am 171.5cm/57kg, and you will still be fine if you are 173cm/57kg.

       I have worn both pairs many times and hand washed them several occasions.  I don’t feel a decrease in elasticity as a result.  However, the Waistband of Caresse already loosened after four months of wearing.  Being one month old, the waistband of Individual 20 is still good as new.


       Caresse has a more transparent look than the Individual 20.  It is as if Caresse has a 15 or 10 denier appearance.  This also means Caresse ventilates better, though the difference is slight.  In addition, Caresse is sheer-to-waist whereas Individual 20 is sheer apart from the toe and the finger band.  These parts are semi-sheer, presumably for higher durability.  You can tap into each photo to bring up the option of viewing in original size.

       I have horizontal lines at the thigh in both tights.  These lines does not disappear after prolonged wearing but dissolves when the tights are totally stretched.  This suggests that the tights are not fully extended despite of my height.


       Individual 20 is slightly more smooth and silky to the skin than the Caresse.  The texture of Individual 20 also feels thicker than the Caresse.  In addition, the knitted toe section of the Individual 20 is made wider.  This gives the toes more room to wiggle around.

ilovehosiery advice

       Both tights are made in top quality.  They are very similar in terms of comfortableness, appearance and pricing.  Yet, Caresse’s sheer-to-waist feature means it is especially suitable for sandals.  Individual 20 sounds more durable with reinforced toes, finger band and thicker texture.  Ultimately, the choice will depend on your occasion.

You can find my reviews for respective tights below:

Review: Fogal Caresse Tights
Review: Wolford Individual 20 Tights


  • Price change.  (20/04/18)

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