Review: Falke Leg Energizer Invisible 15 Tights

       Remember I kept saying that shapewear and comfort doesn’t go side by side?  Well, I have found something that balances both quite well.  It is the compression tights made by Falke.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Very smooth to the skin.
⊕ Beautifully constructed reinforced toe.
⊕ Very high content of elastane.
⊕ Persistent compression on the legs

• Struggled to put on because of wide feet.

⊗ Colour distribution not even.
⊗ Colour bleeding present, hand wash before wearing.

First look & packaging

       The tights are wrapped with paper and placed in a bright, red box made of cardboard.  There is a little window on the front, top right hand side.  However, one would just open the case to check the colour as the box is not sealed.

Appearance & texture

       I will describe the panty and the hose separately, as they differ between each other in many aspects.

       The panty is shaped like a box brief.  It is semi-sheer in matte fashion.  The texture is synthetic and elastic.  The knitted waistband measures 5.5cm wide.  There is also a finger band measuring 4cm wide.  The band extends from the side to the crotch, creating a tanga shape at the front side.  the texture of such is mesh, soft and less elastic.

       The hose is sheer (15 denier) with reflective sheen appearance.  It feels relatively soft yet very smooth.  The tension is very strong at the foot, ankle and calf, and gradually softens from the knee upwards.  Both the toe and the heel are reinforced.

       The composition is 53% Elastane and 47% polyamide.  The elastane is the highest I have reviewed so far.

(Sourced from Falke Online Shop)

Size range

       The size ranges from S to XL.  I have included the size chart below.  Being compression tights, Falke also suggested ankle and calf size.  The size used in this review is M/L (III).


       There are seven colours available at the time of writing this review.  They are (from left to right): Black, Anthracite, Cocoon, Powder, Sun, Cigar and Marine.  Note that the colour palettes presented on Falke Online Shop are all distorted on my screen.  Hence it is worthwhile to get your hand on the actual colour, especially if you are after the nude ones.  The one used in this review is black.

(Sourced from Falke Online Shop)


The fit is near perfect.  I did struggle when slipping my feet into the hose.  This was because the foot section is made very narrow and the tension is very strong.  I have a relative wide feet, measuring 9.5cm in width at the ball of the foot.  Hence it took me a while to slip in and get the heel to the right place.

The look is beautiful and elegant with its reflective sheen.  The knitting structure appears different between calf and thigh.  It is more structured at the calf while more loose and free at the thigh.  Presumably this is due to difference in tension at different parts of the tights.

       I really like the way Falke constructed the toe section on these tights.  The knitting structure somehow turned into fish scale pattern when I slip my toes in.  Furthermore, both ends of the flat seam is folded inwards and sewed.  Not only this looks nicer, but also prevent the edges from rubbing against the shoes.

       When I first put the tights on, I noticed an uneven display of colour.  Moreover, there were dark patches of lines running on the side of the legs.  A quick hand wash did ameliorate the uneven colour distribution issue by releasing residual dye (i.e., bleeding), but did not ease off the lines.  The images shown below were taken at close range, about 60-70cm from the legs.  I can only assume it will be far less prominent as the distance increases.  However, a hand wash is highly recommended before you put them on.

The texture of the hose is very smooth to the skin.  This was especially complimented by my partner.  The waistband however, felt a bit coarse.

The pressure was strongest at the foot, ankle and calf.  It was moderate at the lower thigh.  The compression was moderate to strong at the upper thigh, and mild to moderate at the tummy.  I didn’t feel any pressure at the bottom.  Also, the compression remained throughout, only eased a bit due to heat and moisture.

       I can’t comment much on vitalisation as I haven’t been doing a lot of standing and walking.  However, in my last test, I wore for continuous 12 hours while doing my daily routine.  I ended up having a sore calf on the following day.  This implies my muscles were interacting and counter-balancing the effect of compression in a dynamic yet subtle way.  I believe my blood circulation is facilitated as a result.

       Finally, I found Falke’s recommendation for ankle size and calf size interesting.  My ankle size is 19cm and my calf is 34cm.  Both figures are well below the recommendations for size M/L.  Yet, I felt strong compression on the foot, ankle and calf.  If my sizes were in line with the recommendation, I can only imagine the compression will be even more stronger.

Final words

       The Leg Energiser Invisible 15 are great looking sheer tights with strong compression.   Yet they are comfortable to wear because of the tights’ soft and very smooth texture.  I’d say Falke made a very balance among these attributes.  Though these tights are priced at £39 or €49, I definitely think they are worth it.  You can find them online or in retail stores.

Falke Online Shop (U.K.)

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