Review: Oroblù Divine 10 Nanofibre Tights

       Before we start, I would like to thank my brother-in-law for lending me his DSLR.  Photos with better colour representation we saw in the last several months are a result of his generosity.  Though I am back with my iPhone 6s from September, I have already begun saving money for a full-frame DSLR.  Hopefully we don’t need to wait too long for it to come by.

       I got to know the Oroblù Divine range from an article by UK Tights about an year ago.  It described innovations that are implemented in hosiery.  One of which, is the use of “nanofibre”.  I said to myself, I must try one of these.  So here we are – the Divine 10 Tights by Oroblù.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Ultra-shee, bare leg appearance with powdery effect.
⊕ Amazing elasticity.
⊕ Exceptionally fine texture.
⊕ Light and breathable.

• Not flat seam at the toe.


       The packaging is very similar to the Levante hosiery I reviewed before.  The tights are wrapped with a plastic, transparent sleeve before placed inside a thick envelope made of cardboard.  One can see the colour of the tights through the water drop shaped opening at the top of the envelope.  The product description, size chart and composition are printed at the back of the envelope.

Product description

       The information provided at the back of the packaging is far more detailed than that on the internet.  I have typed them below:

Extra sheer tights, made of NANOFIBRES: an innovative and revolutionary tights yarn characterised by a unique and unprecedented softness.  Perfect wearability like a second skin.  High-quality finishes.  Ultra comfortable, soft waistband.  Invisible seams under clothing.  Cotton gusset.  Invisible Toe.

In a seperate webpage, Oroblù describes the nanofibre as:

“A groundbreaking yarn that creates incredibly soft-touch and silky-effect textiles.  Lightweight and hard-wearing are the defining descriptions of Divine material, made of imperceptible micro-filaments.”

(Sourced from Oroblù)

Appearance & texture

       The Divine 10 is ultra-sheer (10 Denier), sheer-to-waist tights.  The appearance is matte in ambient light and discreet sheen under direct sunlight.  It has a very fine and smooth texture.  The Oroblù signature knitted waistband measures 4cm wide.  There is also a 4cm-wide fingerband immediately below the waistband.  The gusset is made from cotton and there is invisible toe (unreinforced).

       The composition is 68% polyamide and 32% elastane.

Size range

       There are four sizes available for this style, from S to XL.  I have included the size chart below for measurements of respective sizes.  The shop assistant recommended me to take size L.  She told me that Italian hosiery are generally one size smaller than the German counterparts and that the fit is pretty much what the size chart indicates.  For this reason, we have size L for this review.


       There are five colours available at the time of writing this review.  They are Amber, Black, Blue, Nude and Sun.  I bought Nude for this review.



       For me, size L was slightly large.  There were plenty of rooms for longer legs and more rounded hips.  This was conceivable given that I am in the very left side of the L size range.  Thanks to the high elastane composition, there was good envelopment on the legs.

       The elasticity of the tights is amazing!  There was no bags at the knee or at the ankle after prolonged wear.  I even tested it with a 30 minute yogic stretch, which involved repeated full manoeuvre of big joints in the lower body.  Still, there were no bags.


       The tights are really thin, a 7 or 8 denier appearance in my experience.  One can find it hard to distinguish from bare leg if the colour matches the skin.  Sometimes I wonder if it can hold.  However, I have been wearing it from time to time for the last three weeks and so far so good.  Perhaps the nanofibre is also pretty strong.

       The tights also exhibit a powdery effect, like make up on the legs.  It will blur any uneven hues on the skin.

       There was no marking to identify the back from the front.  Nor was the hose clear signs of boarding process.  Hence, you can potentially swap sides without affecting the fit or appearance.


       This is where the nanofibre comes into play.  I know they are synthetic.  Yet the texture is so fine that it felt exceptionally smooth and silky.  It also felt very light and breathable.

       One minor notion, the seam at the toe is not a flat seam.  It felt like stepping on a thin rubber band when misplaced.

Final words

       I was very impressed by the very fine texture and the stretchiness that Divine 10 exhibited.  My feeling towards thinness is like stepping on reinforced glass.  “It should be safe right?”  If you have twitchy feelings like I do, you can try the 20 denier one of the same style.

       The Divine 10 tights is available in shops for €21.95 or £19.95.

Oroblù Online Shop

6 replies on “Review: Oroblù Divine 10 Nanofibre Tights”

Thanks for the review. Great blog. I recently stumbled upon these and they picked my interest. Looks like a very nice pantyhose. You convinced me to get them.


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