Review: Fogal Pois Tights

       This was one of the two dotted tights I brought back from Europe.  They are available online, but I wanted to bring some souvenirs back with me.  Before we start, I’d like to say a big thank you to Laura, who helped me sorting out the colour selection.  Laura works in Fogal shop in Munich.  If you want to buy Fogal items whilst in Munich, do go and visit her (address given at the bottom of the page).

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Very elegant, feminine look with dotted-nets design.
⊕ Relatively comfortable to wear.

• Midnight colour resembles black.

⊗ Become baggy over time.
⊗ Dots at the sole and toes start to wear with.

Packaging & product description

Below is the description online:

“Not all dots are equal – the fine diamonds lengthen the leg and the subtle tones put the finishing touch to every outfit.

Sheer, with attractive dots all over, comfortable Fogal waistband, cotton gusset, invisible heel and toe.”

Appearance & texture

       The Pois is sheer tights (15 denier) with dotted pattern.  These almost square-shaped dots measure 4mm wide on the thigh, and around 3mm at the foot.  The dots are diagonally connected with thin lines, giving a net appearance as well.  The foundation has a shiny appearance.  In addition, there is a knitted cotton gusset and invisible toe.

       The composition is 94% nylon and 6% elastane.

(Sourced from Fogal Online Shop)

Size range

       The Pois Tights comes in all sizes, including M EXTRA and L EXTRA.  I bought size M in this review.


       There are 4 colours available at the time of writing this review.  They are (from left to right): Noir, Taupe, Tulipe Noir and Blossom-Noir.  The colour I used in this review is Midnight.  This is a very dark blue-purplish colour, very close to black.

(Sourced from Fogal Online Shop)



       The fit was relatively fine.  There was good envelopment on the calf, and moderate at the thigh and hip.  The tights are not very stretchy though, and became baggy at the knees over time.  This was probably due to the relative small amount of elastane used.


       I was impressed by the appearance.  The pattern maintains a good size ratio between feet and thigh, making the legs look slimmer.  The net design brought out the elegant and feminine nature even more.  Having tried different combinations, I found it very sexy when only a small part of the legs are exposed.  Also, The pattern looks better on lean legs than curvy or muscular ones when fully exposed.

       The Midnight colour is quite interesting…  It is very dark, yet it is not black, and therefore not as “formal” as black.  Having said that, it is very difficult to differentiate between the two.

       The knitting of the dots does wear quite fast on the sole and around the toes.  The loose end of the yarn would pop out, giving a not so pleasant rug look.


      The texture felt relatively soft.  The best part was that it is not itchy and uncomfortable, a phenomena I often found in patten and fishnet tights.  Being sheer tights, the breathability was also good.

Final words

       Although the dotted pattern didn’t suit my style very well,  they are very classy.  The Pois are somewhat delicate, hence enjoy the best of it while you can.  The Pois is available online and in shops.  They are priced CHF 39.50 or £29.  The style is also available in knee-highs and socks.

       If you like dotted tights, do check out my previous review on Palmers Romantic Dots Tights here.

Fogal Munich contact details:
Theatinerstraße 8-12, Munich 80333, Germany
Opening Hours Mo-Sa 09.30-20.00
Tel. +49 (0)89 700 74 008