Review: Fogal Ivette Leggings

      I was going through my reviews to find that I only have two on leggings.  That was interesting because I used to wear leggings more often than tights.  I wore them when I dance, as leggings provide warmth during the winter while leaving the soles intact.  I still go dancing, and hope I could do the same.  So I picked up a couple pairs during the summer sale.  One of which, is the Ivette leggings by Fogal.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Very versatile to style.
⊕ Very good envelopment.
⊕ Tag on the inner rear to distinguish back from front.

⊗ Texture uncomfortable to the skin.
⊗ Poor breathability at the semi-opaque section.

Product description

Below is the description I found on the internet:

Fun leggings, extra-long, with fine vertical stripes in opaque part, transparent from calf level. The leggings can be pulled up over the feet or worn rolled at.

      The above description says more about the functionality whereas those on the packaging focus on the features.

Appearance & texture

      The leggings has two distinctive parts.  The panty and 3/5 of the hose is semi-opaque (40 denier).  It has a matte appearance with fine vertical stripes all-round.  The texture is rather coarse.  The remaining 2/5 of the hose (which covers the calf) is sheer in discreet sheen.  The texture feels synthetic.  The knitted waistband measures 3cm wide, and there is a gusset.  The opening of the hose is also knitted and are very elastic.  It measures 0.8cm wide.

      The composition is 86% polyamide and 14% elastane.

(Sourced from Luxury Legs)

Size range

      The Ivette leggings come in all sizes, including M EXTRA and L EXTRA.  I have used size M in this review.


      There were three colours available when the leggings was first introduced.  Now it is subject to availability.  I bought Black for this review.



      The fit was fine.  I had very good envelopment at the semi-opaque section, especially at the panty.  In fact, I felt more comfortable without wearing underwear.  The sheer section had a good envelopment and the opening was pretty elastic.  The knitted waistband was also comfortable.  For the first time, I see tags at the inner rear of the panty.  This can be used as a guidance to distinguish between front and back.


      This is the best part!  The leggings can be styled to give different appearances.  I tried wearing like what the promotional image suggested.  I found having the dividing line at just below the knees gave the best look.  The opaque section looked like a capri; the sheer section cover the entire calf, thereby having a lengthening effect.  Likewise, I tried having the opening at the foot and above the ankle, both looked great.  The fine stripes and the discreet sheen adds more texture to the appearance.  One note though, that the material used for the sheer section wasn’t the best I have experienced in Fogal.  It looked rather cheap at close range.  Also, the colour distribution somewhat uneven at the semi-opaque section.


      Perhaps the pity part of the item.  The semi-opaque section felt itchy and synthetic.  The breathability was also poor.  So I can’t wear an ultra-sheer tights to mitigate itchiness.  The sheer section had better breathability, but the texture also felt synthetic.

Final words

      I originally wanted to wear this for casual as well as for my yoga class.  It was suitable enough for the job, but I found it uncomfortable for my skin.  I foresee it become one of my art materials very soon.

      The original price for the Ivette Leggings was £25.  Since it is now an end of season item, I believe you can get it at a much lower price.