Review: Wolford Night Glow Tights

      I originally bought this because I wanted to learn more about the “glowing” effect.  As the festive season draws closer, I realise how useful it can be.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Eye-catching henna-like decoration that glitters during the day and glows at night.
⊕ The glow can last several hours.
⊕ Sheer, matte foundation with reinforced toes.
⊕ Has a size guide in English/French.

⊗ Tighter waist.

Packaging & product description

      The packaging was pretty much identical to the Wolford tights I reviewed before.  There was a small addition – a size guide in both English and French.  I have only seen this twice.  One was from the structure trousers I bought earlier this year.  The other was from a review* by the blogger Sonipanda.  The item reviewed was the Pyramid Tights from AW17-18 collection.  It seems that the duo language size chart has become a standard.

      Wolford kindly placed two tags beside the item as a reminder.  The first says “Please wash this high quality product separately in a washbag with reduced spin cycle and dry flat“.  The second reminds the customer not to wring dry the item after wash.  Hosiery with attached materials can bewilder customers when it comes to washing.  A guidance is always welcome.


The description online says:

      Bright and attractive: These translucent tights offer a fascinating twist on classic Wolford hosiery. The wonderful henna-like design decorates the leg up to the knee. The innovative night glow technique ensures that the light stored throughout the day glows at night.

  • Comfortable, soft knitted waistband
  • The tighter knitted section underneath the comfortably soft waistband ensures additional hold
  • A highlight in the dark

Appearance & texture

      Night Glow are sheer (20 Denier appearance) tights in matte fashion.  Its main feature is the henna-like decoration from ankle up to the knee.  The decoration is made from small, round glitters which are 2mm in diameter.  These glitters are white and can reflect light.  Once baked under sunlight/UV light, they illuminate in dim light conditions.  The knitted waistband measures around 2.7cm and the finger band approximately 5.7cm.  There is a knitted gusset and a reinforced toe.


(Sourced from Wolford)


Size range

      The size ranges from XS to XXL.  I have included the size chart below.  Once again, I used size S for this review.



      There were two colours available at the time of release: Gobi/Glow and Black/Glow.  I have bought Black/Glow for this review.




      The fit was fine.  The decoration may seem delicate but are actually quite firm.  I navigated my fingers through the hose and rolled it up the calf without too much hassle.  There was very good envelopment on the legs.  The waistband and the finger band was however tighter than usual.  This could correspond to the “tighter knitted section” said in the product description.


      The overall appearance was amazing.  The white glitters against the black background were itself an eye-catcher.  They reflect light, exhibiting a glittering effect during the day.  Once exposed to sunlight/UV light, the glitters illuminated a pale green colour in dim light environment.  I had the tights bathed under direct sunlight for 1.5 hours.  The glow lasted several hours and gradually diminished as the time went on.  Based on the above findings, it is probable that the glitters were coated with phosphorescent material.

      I also hand washed the tights once to see if the glowing is affected.  I used a liquid detergent for delicates, and gently pressed the tights to drain liquid.  The glow worked fine after wash, and I didn’t experience any snags in the process.


      The texture felt soft but somewhat synthetic.  To my knowledge, Wolford’s basic essential doesn’t include matte, 20 den appearance tights in this texture.  The closest you can find is Sheer 15 Tights.  It is possible that Wolford make variants of such to be used as a foundation in trend collections.  In addition, there was good breathability.


Final words

      Given the glowing property of the tights, I see many potentials as the winter and festive season draws close.  The first is of course party, and I am sure you wont be disappointed with this.  In fact, if you are still wondering what to wear for the Halloween party, this may be a good for you.  The second is safety.  Imagine you are walking along the street in the late evening.  Motorists could hardly see you due to poor visibility.  The constant-moving glow could at least catch some of their attention.

      The Night Glow Tights were priced €80 or £70 when they were first introduced.  Since it is an end of season item, you would find them a lot cheaper.

Wolford Online Shop (English)
*Wolford Pyramid Tights review by sonipanda

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