Review: Kunert Blue Showpiece fishnet tights

      One of the key constituents of conscious hosiery is sustainable yarn.  There are currently two approaches of making such.  One is from biodegradable materials and the other from recycled nylon products.  In this review, we look at Kunert’s Blue Showpiece, a fishnet tights made from 100% nylon waste.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Stylish fishnet tights with back seam.
⊕ Reinforced toe, sole and heel for better durability.
⊕ Environment-Friendly packaging.

• Very elastic panty.

⊗ Residual dyes present, hand wash before wearing.

Packaging & product description

      The tights are secured using a sheet of cardboard and placed in a sleeve also made of cardboard.  It is then packed into a paper bag-shaped box with an opening at the bottom.  The opening is sealed with a paper sticker, so you have to be very careful if using a letter opener.  There is a lattice window on the top, which allows you to glimpse the actual item.  On the back of the packaging, you will find the size chart, the product description and the concept behind the collection.

      The product description doesn’t say much.  To learn more, you either have to google or scan the barcode at the top left corner.

Appearance & texture

      The panty and the hose of the Blue Showpiece are visually different.  The panty and the upper 1/2 of the thigh has an opaque (50 denier) and total matte appearance.  It feels relatively smooth and very elastic.  The waistband measures 4cm wide, and there is a knitted cotton gusset.  The hose and foot section is macro fishnet pattern in total matte.  It also features a back seam, resembling nylon stockings in the 1940’s.  The toe, sole and heel are opaque (50 denier).

      The composition is 87% polyamide and 13% elastane.  The brand name of the yarn is ECONYL.  It is produced by the Italian company Aquafil S.p.A. from nylon waste, such as old carpets and fishnets.

(Sourced from Kunert)

Size range

      The size ranges from 0 36/38 XS to IV 44/46 XL.  I have included the chart below.  Mind the largest size (V 48/50 XXL) is not produced in this style.


      Kunert only introduced Black at the time of writing this review.  Hence Black is used for this review.


      First of all, give the tights a good rinse before wearing.  It released some residual dyes during my first wash.

      I could see from the packaging how much effort Kunert put into this showpiece.  1. To conform with the concept of systainability, the entire packaging is made from paper.  Even the sticker used to seal the opening is paper-made.  2. The lattice window on the packaging coincides very well with the tights.  3. Kunert included a illustration at the back of the packaging to show how it would look like on the wearer.


      The fit was a bit loose.  There was plenty of room to fit taller people due to good elasticity and fishnet nature.  The very stretchy panty (and the upper 1/2 of the thigh) has pros and cons.  The advantage is I had a very good envelopment.  This prevented the tights from budging downwards as a result of moving and gravity.  The disadvantage is it was more difficult to put the tights on and making sure everything is in the right place.  It was also a bit tight on the crotch for me.  Since the panty has a high denier, it is possible to leave the underwear, so to avoid generating more heat.  The waistband was comfortable but the foot section was also a bit loose.


      It was much better than what I had anticipated.  Due to the thickness of the nets pattern, the black colour looked very prominent.  It looked stunning when I paired it with my red snickers.

      It is possible to place the opaque section at the thigh higher without sacrificing comfort.  I had 1/3 of the thigh in opaque and the remaining 2/3 fishnet.  The legs looked longer in this way.

      The foot section was made somewhat wide.  If you have a narrow foot, the opaque sole would cover the sides of the foot.


      The texture was relatively smooth.  There was no itchy feeling probably because the nets are thicker.  The feet was very comfortable because of the higher denier.  It is exactly this reason that you would expect them to last longer as well.  The breathability   is dependable.  Being fishnet, the hose section had very good breathability, where as the panty were not so good.

Final words

      I once read an article, which said it takes approximately 40 years for nylon to fully decompose.  The rate that nylon-based hosiery are made and thrown away are also incredible.  I am happy that Kunert has taken the effort, not only to make it sustainable but also stylish.  Personally, I look forward to more of these conscious hosiery.

      The Blue Showpiece tights are available online and in retail shops for €16.  Of the purchase price, you contribute €0.50 to marine protection.

Kunert Online Shop (German)