Review: Fogal Isla Tights

      I admire upper class men in the Renaissance period.  They look especially elegant with high heels, leggings and embossed clothing.  Of course I can’t travel back in time, but it is not hard to find something similar.  The Isla tights by Fogal is one of which I speak of.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Beautiful Baroque motifs from waist to toe.
⊕ Easy-to-match metallic silver-taupe colour.
⊕ Warms the Legs quite fast.

⊗ Panty is slightly short in length.
⊗ Thick toe seam like stepping on a string.

Packaging & product description

      The packaging is pretty much the same as those I reviewed before.  The description on the back of the packaging sums up the unique features nicely:

“Semi-opaque with all-over Baroque motif in glossy/matte finish.  Sewn-in soft Fogal waistband, flat seam, cotton gusset.”

Appearance & texture

      Isla is opaque (50 denier) tights in glossy finish.  It features Baroque motifs that is present from waist to toe.  The texture feels moderately smooth and soft.  The Fogal signature waistband measures 2.3cm wide.  It is made of elastic band with plush on the inner layer.  There is no tag at the inner rear of the waistband.  However, you can identify the rear by the two zigzag stitches that binds the waistband together.  There is a knitted gusset and the toes are not particularly reinforced.

      The composition is 89% polyamide and 11% elastane.

Size range

      The Isla come in all sizes, including M EXTRA and L EXTRA.  I have used size M in this review.


      Since I couldn’t find any mention of other colours, I believe Faubourg is the only colour for this style.  It is in-between metallic silver and taupe.



      The fit was fine.  There was relatively good envelopment on the legs.  However, the panty felt a bit short as the waistband sits below the waist.  I compared it with my Fogal sheer tights collection and the Isla was indeed 1-2cm short in length.  It was also not as stretchy as those of sheer tights, and hence the outcome.  The toe seam were especially long.  This is good if you have wide feet like me.


      The focal point of the Isla tights is of course the appearance.   The motif is uniformly presented from waist to toe, mimicking a brocade.  Careful examination revealed that the motif is made by alternating the knitting structure.  The threads that form the motif are more dense than the background.  The silver-colour fibres wove with the threads in the background.  Together, they form a contrast that is intensified with direct light.  Since the motif is not superimposed, the tights are lighter than it seems.


      The sensation was different depending on approach.  It felt slightly rough when grazed with hands, due to changes in knitting structure.  However, it was very smooth and comfortable once having it on, like fine cotton.  Also worth mentioning, my legs warmed up in a matter of minutes, faster than a pair of usual 40 denier tights.  The breathability was not compromised, as the background has a looser knitting structure, like 30 denier.  Despite being flat seam, the toe seam still felt like a thick string.

Final words

      The Isla tights were beautifully made and the texture was especially smooth and comfortable.  The metallic silver-taupe hue makes it an easy match with other outfit colours.  Personally, I like it very much.  If you like Baroque motifs, it is worth getting yourself one.

      The Isla tights is part of the collection of previous season.  It can be difficult to get your hands on.  But you are likely to get a bargain.