Review: Fogal Irelia Tights

      Stripes are a common pattern that gives a lean visual effect on the legs.  In this review, we will look into a variant of such.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Unique vertical stripes that widens at the panty and foot.
⊕ Easy to line up the stripes with the leg.

⊗ Coarse texture.

Packaging & product description

      The packaging is the same as those Fogal products I reviewed before.  The product description is as follows:

“Vertical business stripes in wide/narrow repeating pattern, optically enhancing the leg.  Semi-opaque, soft comfort knitted waistband, flat seam, cotton gusset.”

      The online description mentions one extra feature: “Non-reinforced toe”, which is otherwise not presented on the back of the product due to confined space.

Appearance & texture

      The Irelia tights are patterned tights in semi-sheer (30 Denier), matte appearance.  Its main feature are thin, vertical stripes that widens at the panty and the foot.  The texture feels rather synthetic and coarse.  The knitted waistband is 3cm wide.  There is a cotton gusset and the toe section is not reinforced.

The composition is 93% polyamide and 7% elastane.

Size range

      The Irelia comes in all sizes including M EXTRA and L EXTRA.  I have used size M in this review.


      I know Black and Faubourg colour was available in the initial release.  Now it is subject to availability.



      The fit was fine.  I had no difficulties lining up the stripes to the legs when rolling the tights up.  The hose section was made wider than that of Fogal’s sheer tights, hence a moderate envelopment only.  It also bagged just below the knees after prolonged wear.  The waistband was relatively comfortable.  This was also the case for the toe section, thanks to longer-than-usual toe seam.


      The colour was evenly distributed.  The thin stripes are opaque, and turns into semi-opaque when they widen at the either end.  The widened semi-opaque stripes at the toes made the reinforcement unnecessary.  The background per se has a sheer appearance.

      Usually, vertical stripes creates a lean optical effect.  I had an opposite experience however.  This may be due to the angle of the shoots or my masculine thigh and wide feet, that the widening of the stripes enlarged these parts.  Hence I looked more like a clown in stripes.  It would look better if I cover the the widening parts, but then the main feature is lost.  I believe such pattern is best looking on certain body shapes.


      The texture felt rather coarse, a very similar feel to that of the Ivette leggings I reviewed earlier.  For this reason, it is likely to generate more heat through friction.

      There was a strong odour of plastic when I first open the package.  The odour ameliorated after a couple washes.

Final words

      This is the my first time on thin stripes.  I was expecting a lean optical effect on the legs but it turned out to be more of an opposite.  It doesn’t mean the effect is absent though, but very dependent on body shape.

      Although Fogal closed its shops and online stores, there are plenty of third party retailers that still stock them.  You may still be able to find these, in a lot more affordable price.

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