Review: Kunert Fly & Care 40 Tights (Updated: 23/04/18)

      For a lot of people, Christmas involves travel.  It could be visiting friends and relatives or a holiday away from home.  For some people, this is the busiest time of the year.  Long hours of standing or sitting is unavoidable.  A pair of support tights can be useful in these situations.  In this review, we will look into the Fly & are 40 tights by Kunert.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Gradual, medium to strong support on the legs.
⊕ Uniform mild to moderate support on the panty section.
⊕ Reinforced toe and heel (but no pressure).

⊗ Packaging not well-suited for wide tights.

Packaging & product description

      The packaging uses the standard cardboard, tri-fold cardboard and transparent plastic sleeve manner.  I had a slight issue when removing the packaging.  The tights got tangled with the protruding edges of the thin cardboard.  This was because the tights are wider than the thin cardboard.  I had to be very careful not to rip a hole on the tights while separating them apart.

      The product features are summarised at the back of the packaging in three languages: German, English and French.  Below is the English version:

“Your legs are challenged day in day out.  These tights provide intense support for tired legs and are also ideal for standing and sitting for a long time or any kind of travelling.”

  • Gradual anatomical support in support class 3 (11-14 mmHg) prevents legs from becoming tired thus ensuring you fell good 24 hours a day.
  • Perfect fit and comfortable to wear thanks to pressure-free waistband and flat seams.

Appearance & texture

      Since the panty and the hose differ in many ways, I have described them separately.

      The panty is opaque and total matte.  It is built with integrated support.  The texture feels a bit rough but very elastic.  The knitted waistband is 4cm wide.  There is no gusset.  Instead, an extra piece of fabric is sewn at the rear of the panty, between both side of the hip, and extends to the crotch.

      The hose is semi-opaque (33 denier, 40 denier appearance) in matte fashion.  It is shaped to match the silhouette of the legs.  The widest part at the thigh measures 15cm, and the calf 11cm, when the tights are lay on flat surface.  It provides a gradual, support class 3 support (11-14mmHg) on the legs*.  The texture is moderately soft and synthetic.  Both the heel and the toes are reinforced, but without compression.  Between the panty and the hose is a band in vertical stripe appearance.  It measures 6cm wide and has a supportive property on the upper thigh.

      The composition is 80% polyamide and 20% elastane.

(Sourced from: Kunert Online Shop)





Size range

      The size ranges from 0 36/38 XS to V 48/50 XXL.  I have included the size chart below.  Size II 40-42 M is used in this review.


      At the time of writing this review, there are five colours available.  They are (from left to right): Graphit, Black, Cashmere, Marine and Teint.  I bought Black for this review.



      Navigating my hand through the hose was easy.  It was not until I reach the lower calf and ankle section that I started to feel some tension.  This was also the case when I slip my foot in and roll the tights up.  Overall, it wasn’t effortful to put the tights on.


      The fit was fine, and to my surprise, the envelopment was also good.  The reason for my astonishment was because the tights has the widest hose I have ever measured.  Kunert team must have worked so hard to achieve such great stretchiness with 20% elastane.    The waistband was comfortable and the reinforced toe and heel was easy to position.

      The only drawback I had was the tights bulged down after I took a 13h flight.  It didn’t form bags around the knees, but I could feel the weight of the tights around the knees and calves.  This also suggests that the tight could fit a taller person than the size chart recommends.


      The hose has a matte appearance.  It does exhibit reflective sheen under direct sunlight, but this is very subtle.  The colour did not look especially uniform on the pair I bought.  My speculation is that because the tights are so stretchy, some parts were not fully stretched.


      The texture was moderately comfortable to the skin.  It felt soft but somewhat synthetic.  The breathability was moderate.  It is fine in air-conditioned areas such as shops or in an aeroplane, but can be uncomfortable in summer.


      The pressure was immediately felt and lasted throughout the day.  The effect was gradual, with the ankle having the strongest pressure, and medium at the thigh.  

      Regarding the panty section, I felt mild support from all sides.  Since women have wider pelvis than men do, I would assume a moderate support for women.  Worth mentioning that the toe and heel section has no pressure, so the toes could move freely.

      I wore the pair on a journey that lasted 18 hours (including a 13-hour flight).  My legs wasn’t as swollen as my last experience after a 14-hour flight.  I also wasn’t as tired as I did.  Such status continued couple days after the journey.  Supposedly, the vitalisation worked on me.

Final words

      Support tights help easing tired legs by improving blood circulation through pressure.  The Fly & Care 40 tights, which has medium-strong support on the legs, are ideal in long sitting and standing situations.  If this is what you have been experiencing or about to go through, you may want to have a pair of Fly & Care 40 tights with you.

      The Fly & Care 40 Tights are available for €22.  The range also includes knee highs for women and men.

Kunert Online Shop (German)


      Various countries/regions have different standard for compression stockings.  In some places, a prescription is required for hosiery that has high compression (e.g., >20 mmHg).  The support tights we buy from hosiery brands are usually categorised as “Mild”.  You can find more information from the links below:

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  • Revised the FIT and the SUPPORT & VITALISATION section.  (23/04/18).