Does freezing the tights makes them more durable?

      I was going through my daily routine when I saw a news article* shared by Luxury Legs.  It was about a trick that freezing tights overnight and then defrost it will make the tights more run-resistant.  To be more specific, you soak the tights in water, place them in a bag and pop them in freezer overnight.  Thaw the tight until they are dry on the next day.  The article cited a fashion expert and stylist, who claims the trick is true and there is a reason behind such.  The fibres are strengthened through the freeze-defrost process.  The news quickly spread across medias.  But is this really true?

      This was not the first time I see such claim.  In fact, the trick was being circulated on the internet in Mandarin a few years back.  Out of curiosity, I tested on a pair of Wolford tights.  My finding was that the tights that went to the freezer didn’t last longer than usual.  Of course, this was solely based on my perception, so I googled to see if there are people out there that tested the claim with proper equipment.  Here is what I found…

      A statement from said they did not find any difference**.  However, their results were based on one sample only.  In an internet forum, a user claimed that it is not the freezing process, but damp that strengthens nylon***.  Since tights are made from many materials nowadays and are different in knitting, it is possible that the trick works on some materials only.  Until there is an extensive, proper research, I remain unconvinced about the claim.  What are your thoughts?

Source: You should put your tights…
** Putting tights in freezer stop ripping
*** Does freezing tights make them more durable?

5 replies on “Does freezing the tights makes them more durable?”

Give it a try and see if it works. Though I am skeptical about it, I have got an extra pair of Fogal Opaque Tights that I can experiment on. But I have to wait until autumn. It’s too hot these days to wear even sheer tights.


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