January 2018 Newsletter – New Year, New Start

      No, I am not talking about ilovehosiery or myself, but Fogal.  The firm received funding and is now recommencing business.  Fogal has been active on Instagram and their website are back online.  They even made in time for the winter sale, which you can check them out here.  Fogal only deliver within Switzerland at the moment though (my thanks goes to Carlos).


      In addition to the usual three reviews, I also did a review on a pair of knee highs.  They are something I have not touched for a long time, but are in fact especially convenient during summer or, for you living in very warm places.  You can read them full from the links below if you missed any of them:

Winter sale continues

      This is the time where you can save huge amounts of money on buying hosiery, especially on trend items.  I have summarised here websites I frequently visit that are on sale.  Some of them focus on specific regions while some of them ship internationally.


      Three fabulous reviews are already in the pipeline and will be published accordingly.  I have some ideas for the next comparison review but it will require a bit of time for me to realise it.

New Year’s resolution

      It is inevitable that some time in the future ilovehosiery will have its own website (not under WordPress.com).  So my New Year’s resolution is to learn more about webpage design.  What are yours?


  • Added Fogal’s delivery terms.  (03/01/18)