Review: Falke Matt Deluxe 20 Tights

      In this review, we will look into one of Falke’s basic essentials – the Matt Deluxe 20 tights.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Soft and smooth texture.
⊕ Lace stripe adds a touch of character.

• Unusually small coverage of the toe section.
• Uneven colour distribution due to fibres not being fully stretched.

⊗ The narrow waistband digs in.

Packaging & product description

      The packaging is the same as the Sensation 20 Seamless tights I reviewed earlier.  The words used to describe the product are different between online and back of packaging, but the point is the same.  I have extracted the online version below:

“These sheer tights represent pure perfection and give your legs a beautiful make-up look. The premium decorative waistband is a real eye-catcher. The innovative 3D technology guarantees an even, luxurious mesh structure. High-quality flat seam ensures exclusive comfort, hygienic gusset in net look and toe with a soft seam of the finest quality. 20 den appearance.”

  • Luxurious transparency
  • 20 den appearance
  • Exquisite material composition and 3D knitting technology
  • High-quality flat seam ensures exclusive comfort, hygienic gusset in net look and toe with a soft seam of the finest quality

Appearance & texture

      The Matt Deluxe 20 is sheer tights (20 denier appearance) in total matte fashion.  It is sheer-to-waist.  The texture is soft and smooth.  The knitted waistband measures 1.8cm wide.  Below the waistband is a 2.6cm-finger band in lace appearance.  There is hygienic gusset and reinforced toe.

      The composition is 76 polyamide and 24% elastane.

(Image via Falke)

Size range

      There are 6 sizes available for Matt Deluxe 20, from S to XL.  I have included the size chart below.  Size M/L is used in this review.


      At the time of writing this review, there were 9 colours available online.  They were: Black, Anthracite, Platinum, Powder, Sun, Crystal, Golden, Brenda and Marine.  I have used Marine for this review.

(Note: Falke’s colour palettes online do not realistically reflect the actual colour.)



      The fit was relatively good and true to its size.  Since the tights are quite stretchy, it could fit higher than 5’8” (as the size chart recommends).  The envelopment was relatively good from panty to toe.  The waistband however, did dig in a bit after prolonged wear.


      As you might have expected, the solid-coloured, total matte appearance is in every way plain and introvert.  This is why I welcomed the lace stripe under the waistband, as it adds a touch of femininity and character to it.

      I noticed an uneven distribution of colour.  I believe this was due to the hose not being fully stretched.  This is quite usual in such knitting, and are more visible in dark colours.

      The reinforced toe section has an unusually small coverage.  This looked a bit weird to me, but on a second thought, the toe section is not visible in pumps with very short toe box.


      The texture is soft and smooth.  I could still feel the nylon fibres though, like very fine strings gliding the skin.  The breathability is moderate.

Final words

      The Matt Deluxe 20 tights are those I grouped as “introverts”.  Such is charaterised by their solid colour, total matte look.  The lace stripe adds a bit of character and the small coverage of the toe section can be a bonus.  It is also affordable, €18-€19 (depending on where you purchase it) or £16.  The Matt Deluxe 20 also comes in Stay-Ups and Knee-highs.

Falke Online Shop (U.K.)

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