Review: Wolford Synergy 20 Push-Up Tights (Updated: 20/04/18)

      I picked this up from Luxury Legs long ago at a special price.  I later realised that this is because Wolford had revised the style, and my purchase was the older one.  Hence, this review focuses on the previous version of Synergy 20 Push-Up.


Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Strong shaping effect at the panty.
⊕ Like Mild-moderate support at the legs.
⊕ Even, elegant and slimmer appearance.

⊗ Waistband rolls down.

Packaging & product description

      The packaging uses the standard cardboard, tri-fold cardboard and transparent plastic sleeve manner.  The bright red colour at the top of the packaging shows it is one of the Shape & Control Collection.  The red circle at the panty in the front cover illustrates where the support effect takes place.  Such is further detailed at the top left of the rear cover.

      The product description online and on the packaging is the same.  I have extracted it below:

“A true masterpiece from the “Shape & Control” series: evenly transparent tights with a push-up effect for the bottom and opaque, shaping panties down to the area of the thighs. High-quality Synergy thread with a subtle, pearly shine gives the legs a slimmer appearance.”

  • Control top for the tummy and hip area right down to the thighs
  • Gentle pressure and barely visible transition from the control part to the leg
  • Soft, comfortable knitted waistband
  • Barely visible shadow toe reinforcement
  • Cotton gusset

Appearance & texture

      Since the panty and the hose of the tights are very different, I have described them separately.

      The panty has an opaque and matte appearance, and is shaped like a boxer brief.  Its knitting resembles very fine ribs, and its texture elastic & cotton-like.  There is a elastic stripe running along and underneath each side of the buttock, which has a lift-and-shape effect.  The waistband measures 3cm wide and there is a knitted gusset.

      The hose is sheer (20 denier appearance) with slight sheen.  The texture feels soft and smooth, and pretty elastic.  The toe is lightly reinforced.  Between the panty and the hose is a 3.5cm-wide stripe in lace.

      The composition is 72% polyamide and 28% elastane.


(Image via Wolford Online Shop, previous versioncurrent version).


Size range

The size ranges from XS to XL.  I have attached the size chart below.  Size S is used in this review.



      I have bought Nearly Black colour for this review.  It is also the only colour available for this (older) style online.  In my opinion, Nearly Black lies in-between black and dark grey, with a strong sense of metallic.




      The fit was very good and true to its size description.  There is a very good envelopment on the panty.  What I didn’t expect is that the envelopment was also good on the legs, which I will mention more in the Support & Vitalisation section below.  The waistband did roll down when I pull it up to the waist.


      The appearance was more elegant than I anticipated.  The slight sheen was very eye-catching, especially paired with the dark colour.  The combination also made the legs look slimmer!  The lace added an extra touch of femininity.

      The panty did look thick and bulky.  The silhouette was somewhat visible when wearing tight fitting clothing.  This was especially the case when I have an underwear on as well.


      The texture felt very smooth and silky for the hose while cotton-like on the panty.  The breathability was good at the hose but only moderate at the panty, due to high denier.  For the latter reason, together with the bulky look, I recommend not wearing underwear at all.


      As expected, there was a strong support at the hips and a moderate-to-strong support at the tummy.  There was also a strong support at the upper thigh and a slight shaping effect at the bottom.  I was surprised to find a very good envelopment on the hose.  It hugs the legs so well that it felt like having a mild-to-moderate support on the legs.  The lace stripe is pretty elastic but I didn’t feel any support coming from such.


Final words

      The Synergy 20 Push-Up tights (older version) is indeed a surprise.  It has strong support at the panty, as well as a elegant, eye-catching look.  What’s more, the hose section feels as if there is mild-to moderate support.  The waistband tends to roll down, but there was no major drawbacks.

      The new version of the tights in the same name features a wider waistband and stripe at the upper thigh.  It could have a even stronger shaping and support at the panty, given the construction is very similar to that of Pure 30 Complete Support Tights.  It will be interesting to see if the new style also carries the unexpected characteristics we see in the older one.

      The discounted price I found online is €17.50 or £15.50.  You are likely to find a better bargain, subject to availability.  The new styles comes in €35 or £35 by the way.

Wolford Online Shop (English)

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  • Price change.  (20/04/18)