Falke’s new Beauty Plus range provides perfect fit for larger sizes.

Falke has released a new line of tights specifically for larger sizes.

      The Beauty Plus aimed to provide perfect fit with their perfectly proportioned cuts and soft shaping at the hips, thighs and calves.  Its panty is redesigned to minimise irritating rubbing feeling on the inner thighs.  The wide waistband ensures no rolling or digging in would occur.  Other features include an effective moisture management and no unsightly seat seams.   In addition, it comes in two leg lengths, accommodating both taller and shorter people.

      The range comes in two denier: a sheer look (20 denier) and a opaque (50 denier).  Both have a matte appearance and a opaque box brief panty.  The 20 denier tights are available in nude as well as black colours, while the 50 denier are available in dark colours only.  You can find more information from the link further below.

Falke Beauty Plus 01Falke Beauty Plus 02

Source: https://www.falke.com/uk_en/inspiration/product-highlights/falke-beauty-plus