March 2018 Newsletter – Wolford to be sold!

      You can find the full story here.  I can imagine the news hit the headlines in Austria over the last couple of days.  It must have been demoralising for the employees that the major shareholders went ahead selling their share even after the company’s revenue has been stabilised.

Wolford sold 01


      Last month’s review included a mix of fishnet and solid colour essentials.  Worth mentioning is my first review on tights that are over 100 denier.  It is also made by a eco-friendly company.  If you missed any of the reviews, you can find the links below.

Falke introduces Beauty Plus range

Falke just released a new product line for larger sizes.  You can find more information from one of me posts here.

Falke Beauty Plus 00

Kunert continues celebrating 111th Birthday

      KUNERT 111th birthday celebration continues in March with a 20% OFF in Mystique range.  All you have to do is use the code: 111maerz at checkout.

18 Mar 01


      Yet another busy month for me.  I am going abroad in April and May.  So I have to prepare my travel as well as the reviews in advance.  It would be a miracle if I can squeeze in an extra review or comparison each month… we shall see.