Comparison Review: ITEM m6 Tights Invisible vs. Tights Super Light

      One problem I had when I first look into Item m6’s products was the degree of compression.  They don’t have a scale similar to Wolford’s Shape & Control range.  I had to make guesses based on the description of each product.  Not in the least, some of ITEM m6’s products are very expensive, limiting me to fully explore their range.  I do however, bought a couple pairs through the years.  They are Tights Invisible and Tights Super Light from ITEM m6’s Easy Line range.  I also received a pair of Tights Fine Translucent as a gift.  All of them are solid colour, basic essentials, which makes them a great choice for a comparison.

      Before we start, the Tights Fine Translucent and Tights Invisible are the same.  The only difference between them is colour selection.  I have used Tights Invisible in this comparison, but you can easily apply the notes to Tights Fine Translucent.


Tights Invisible
(Tights Translucent)
Tights Super Light
Denier: 15 DEN appearance 20 DEN appearance
Appearance: opaque and matte panty, slight sheen hose matte with reflective sheen, sheer-to-waist
Waistband (size M): knitted, 4cm wide knitted, 4cm wide
Fingerband (size M): No 2.5cm wide
Reinforced toe: Yes Yes
Reinforced heel: Yes Yes
Composition: 68% polyamide and 32% elastane 91% polyamide and 9% elastane
Size: XS-L, two sizes for leg length S-L+
Price: €49.90, £49 or USD$78 €19.90 or £16.50

Similarities and differences


      Tights Invisible and Tights Super Light can be distinguished easily from their packaging.  The former uses cardboard box made in high quality.  The Tight Super Light on the other hand, uses an envelope-like cardboard box.  It opens from the bottom, and has more of an ordinary quality look.  Both packaging includes plastic.  The box used for Tights Invisible has translucent plastic sheets and Tights Super Light uses transparent plastic sleeve for packaging.

Above Left: Tights Invisible box; Right: Tights Super Light packaging.

Above: Inside Tights Invisible packaging.

Above: Tights Super Light wrapped in transparent plastic sleeve.


      The fitting for both tights were fine and true to its size recommendation.  The Tights Invisible has a shorter length when laid on flat surface.  However, this didn’t affect fitting, thanks to high elastane composition.  Also, to ensure optimum fit, Tights Invisible has two leg lengths available.

Above: Top: Tights Invisible; Bottom: Tights Super Light.


      There are quite a few differences with regard to appearance.  The biggest difference is Tights Invisible has a opaque panty whereas Tights Super Light is sheer-to-waist.  Also, Tights Invisible has slight sheen where as Tights Super Light is matte with reflective sheen.

      The Tights Invisible has a look of high quality.  It also presents a more beautiful silhouette of the body because of stronger shape and support.  The 5 Denier appearance doesn’t make much difference.

      The colour of the reinforced toe and heel of the Tights Invisible is darker than the rest of the hose.  The Tights Fine Translucent in black colour didn’t have such issue.

Above: Waistband on Tights Invisible (Left) and Tight Super Light (Right).

Above: Appearances under direct sunlight and shade.

Above: Reinforced toe and heel on both pair of tights.


      Both pairs are relatively soft.  Tights Invisible does have better elasticity, thanks to is high elastane percentage.  However, both tights felt synthetic, with Tights Super Light being worse.  It even had a plastic odour during unboxing, and require a few washes to get rid of the smell.


      The Tights Invisible outperform Tights Super Light in this category.  Both has gradual support on the legs but Tights Invisible is much stronger.  It has the strongest support on the legs I have reviewed so far.  Tights Invisible also has a moderate shaping effect at the tummy and the hips.  Tights Super Light is only gentle on this case.  I didn’t feel my buttocks being lifted from either pair.

      Tights Invisible seemed to have a better vitalising effect than Tights Super Light.  Since they were not tested in the same conditions, my conclusion was not definitive.

Above: Uniquely constructed panty on Tights Invisible.

ilovehosiery advice

      Tights Invisible is in many ways distinctive than Tights Super Light.  It has a stronger shaping and support effect.  It also gives a better looking silhouette.  The recommended retail price is more than double than that of Tights Super Light.  ITEM m6 holds sales from time to time.  Sale items includes support tights such as Tights Invisible.  Hence, you can save quite a lot during sale.  The question is whether you need the extra shaping and support.

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