Review: Kunert Blue 15 tights

      I have recently been trying out hosiery made from different materials.  The reason being is to gain a better understanding of how each material feels like.  In this review, I am wearing tights made from ECONYL®, an yarn made from recycled nylon.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Especially smooth and soft to the skin.
⊕ Very good envelopment thanks to high elastane composition.
⊕ Powder effect, like make up to the legs.
⊕ Run-resistant.

⊗ Poor quality control.

Packaging & product description

      The packaging is the same as the Blue Showpiece I reviewed before, which you can find it here.  One suggestion to the packaging manufacturer is to make the edges round, so as to minimise the risk of snagging the tights during unboxing.

      The information on the rear of the packaging focuses more on sustainability.  For a complete list of features of the item, one has to go online or scan the barcode at the top left corner.

Appearance & texture

      Blue 15 are sheer tights (20 denier, 15 Denier appearance) in matte finish.  It is sheer-to-waist.  The tights have a soft and smooth texture, and is very stretchy.  The waistband measures 4cm wide.  There is also a 2.5cm-wide fingerband in net pattern.  The gusset is made of cotton.  In addition, the toe section is reinforced and the closing is flat seam.

      The composition is 71% polyamide and 29% elastane.  The yarn used for Blue 15 is the same as Blue Showpiece, which is ECONYL®.  It is produced from nylon waste, such as old carpets and fishnets.

(Image from Kunert)

Size range

      There are 6 sizes available for the style.  I have extracted the size chart below.  Size II 40-42 is used in this review.


      At the time of writing this review, there are 6 colours available.  They are (from left to right): Candy, Hasel, Cashmere, Sun, Teint and Puder.  I have bought Puder, which means powder in English, for this review.


      During unboxing, I found a 13cm-scratch on the left hose.  I was surprised that it got through quality control.  Fortunately, it wasn’t apparent after I put it on because of the tights’ sheerness and nude colour.  From another perspective, the tights proofed themselves to be run-resistant.


      The fit was very good and true to the size recommendation.  Thanks to the high elastane composition, the envelopment on the legs was also a very good.  The tights really hug the legs, giving a slight shaping effect to such.  The waistband was comfortable; I had no issues with it.


      The appearance was in high quality and the colour distribution was even.  There were two features not mentioned on the product description which I felt was excellent.  Firstly, the appearance is matte but exhibits a reflective sheen when shined upon.  For those of you who reads my reviews from time to time knows I like dynamic appearances.  Also, the sheerness and nude colour has an powdery effect on the legs, blurring any blemishes on the skin.


      The tights felt very soft and smooth to the skin.  It was also more nylon than silky.  Best of all, it felt very stretchy.  The breathability was moderate-to-good (it is 20 denier, despite its 15 den appearance).

Final words

      The Blue Showpiece gave me good impression to yarn made from recycled nylon.  However, it was not until I tried out Blue 15 that I got a better perception towards ECONYL®.  The Blue 15 made from such material are very soft, smooth and stretchy.    The quality control was probably an once in a while issue, which I believe you will be luckier than I do.

      Blue 15 is available for €16.  The range also comes in 30 and 50 denier appearance.

Kunert Online Shop (German)

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