Review: Falke Lunelle 8 tights (Updated: 19/06/18)

      Spring weather in the U.K. is full of surprises and I was glad that I brought these with me.  The ultra-sheer nature was very useful when strolling on the streets, in a very warm London.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Elegant pearl-like lustre appearance.
⊕ Snags don’t turn into run.

• Delicate material, extra care is vital.
• Relatively loose envelopment on the legs despite high elastane content.

Packaging & product description

      The packaging uses the standard cardboard, tri-fold cardboard and transparent plastic sleeve manner.  The description, the size chart and composition are printed on the rear cover.  Other specs of the style are shown on the plastic sleeve using a sticker.  Neither the front cover nor the image at the rear clearly shows the style.  If you want to take a closer look, the images in the online shop are clearer.

      The product description online and on the rear cover are a bit different.  I find the one on the back cover clearer and more informative.  I have extracted it in the following:

“Ultra-transparent sheer tights with a delicate texture that give your legs a stylish pearl-like lustre.

Supreme wear comfort and innovative gusset in net structure with hygienic effect in size S-L and from size XL with comfort gusset.

With flat seams, soft waistband and non-reinforced toes for extra comfort.”

Appearance & texture

      The Lunelle 8 are ultra-sheer tights (8 den appearance) in slight sheen finish.  The tights is sheer-to-waist.  The texture feels very soft and silky.  The knitted waistband measures 3.5cm wide.  This is immediately followed by a 2cm-wide fingerband in a mesh appearance.  The fingerband extends to both sides of the panty seam, forming a T-shaped band.  There is a hygienic gusset.  Neither the toe section nor the heel section is reinforced.

      The composition is 66% Polyamide and 34% Elastane.

(Sourced from Falke)

Size range

      The size ranges from S to XL.  I have attached the size chart below.  Size M/L is used in this review.


      At the time of writing this review, there are 5 shades available.  I have included the colour palette below.  I bought Powder for this review.



      The fit was slightly loose.  There was plenty of rooms to accommodate taller people than the size chart suggests.  This is possibly due to its knitting and high elastane percentage.  Similarly, the envelopment was relatively loose.  The tights lightly hover on the legs.  The tights were not hugging the back of the ankle (see image below) yet it didn’t become baggy below the knee by the end of the day.  

      The waistband was a bit tight initially, but gradually loosen as the day went pass.


      In line with the product description, the tights have a pearl-like lustre appearance.  The shimmer is very small, condensed yet powdery.  I quite like it as it looked especially elegant.

      The Powder colour was the lightest nude colour available.  It is slightly darker than the colour Cocoon I usually purchase.


      The texture felt very soft and silky.  It was very comfortable to wear.  The breathability was of course very good.  It even felt a bit cold at exposed areas in a 17°C London.  

      One more thing…  I wore the tights under close fitting jeans for a few times.  I anticipated it to catch snags sooner or later, but that wasn’t the case.   There was only minor distortions, which can be ameliorated by stretching the surrounding areas.  Nevertheless, I don’t expect it to last long due to its ultra-sheer nature.

Final words

      I quite like Lunelle 8 tights because of their comfortableness and the pearl-like lustre presentation.  As with all ultra-sheer tights, they are very delicate though.  

      The Lunelle 8 tights is available throughout the year for €18/€19 (depending where you buy it) or £18.  The range is also available in stay ups.

Falke Online Shop (English)


  • The tights caught with the tag on the trousers, creating a hole almost as big as my fingernail.  It didn’t turn into a run, which was quite fortunate.  (19/06/18)

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