Review: Wolford Banua tights

      I was going through Wolford’s collection in outlet, hoping to find a good buy, and I was in luck.  I found an à jour tights belonging to the SS17 Trend Collection that has a unique presentation.  Scroll down to read the full review.

Strengths & Weaknesses

• Nets in a zigzag fashion, neither feminine nor masculine.
• Thick threads makes the tights more suitable for cooler days.

Packaging & product description

      The packaging uses the standard cardboard, tri-fold cardboard and transparent plastic sleeve manner.  One notable addition is the pattern in close shot, shown on the rear cover.

      The product description online and on the packaging is the same.  I have extracted them below:

“Fashionable net: These soft and contrasting net nights captivate with their consistent, zigzag graphic print, from the toes right up to the waist.”

  • Sewn-on waistband featuring the Wolford logo.
  • A distinctive, stylish accessory.

Appearance & texture

      The Banua tights are patterned tights in matte finish.  The pattern is made up of vertical lines interweaved with zigzags, forming an à jour appearance from waist to toe.  Its vertical threads measures 1mm thick while the zigzag threads are thicker, especially at the place where threads merges together.  The texture feels quite thick and cotton-like.  The total length of the tights is 79cm when laid on flat surface.  The Wolford signature waistband measures 2.5cm wide.  It is made of elastic band with plush on the inner side.  There is also a gusset.  The toe section is made in micro fishnet fashion.

      The composition is 80% polyamide and 20% elastane.

(Sourced from Wolford)

Size range

      The size ranges from XS to XXL.  I have included the size chart below.  Now it is subject to availability.  Size S is used for this review.


      There are three colours available at the time of writing this review: Mole, Black and Dark Grey.  I bought Black for this review.



      The fit was relatively fine.  There was still some room for taller people.  I am 171cm/58.5kg so I am pretty sure it can fit up to 174cm of similar weight.  The envelopment was fairly good also.  The tights did loosen as the day passes, but due to its net nature, no one would notice except yourself.  The elastic waistband is very common within Wolford hosiery and I had no problems with it.


      My first impression was it was not feminine.  At least, not the strong, independent yet feminine women that Wolford’s creation implies.  Rather, the zigzag, geometrical pattern made it more neutral.  I actually find it “funky”, given the shapes are not exactly zigzag but like ladders ascending and decending, mimicing movements of a robot.  In addition, I find the micro fishnet pattern used for the toe section is a great match with the rest of the design.


      The texture actually felt more like cotton than nylon.  This may be due to the thickness of the thread.  It can still be a bit itchy, especially if you have a dry skin.  The thick threads do provide a good balance between breathability and warmth.  I would suggest wearing them in cooler days than in summer.

Final words

      The Banua tights is an à jour tights that is best used in special occasions, in a cool day or in the evenings.  Maybe it will bring out hidden trait or yours.

      I acquired this with the help from Raffaella, who works in the Wolford Kings Rd. London.  In addition to her excellent service, she is a skilled costume designer, hence can give useful advice on Wolford sizing.  If you are in London and are looking for Wolford products, I will recommend you to visit the shop.

Phone: +44 207 73 09 152
Address: Kings Road, 17  SW3 4RP  London UK

      Alternatively, you can find the tights in Wolford Outlet or third party retailers at a discounted price (the original price was €39, £35 or USD$67).

Wolford Outlet (English)