Review: Veneziana Relax 20 tights

      Can you believe you can get a pair of support tights for under £3?  Well, that is what I did from TK MAXX whilst in the U.K.  Is it a bargain or a hoax?  Let’s find out.

      This is my first encounter with the Brand.  Though the name points to Italian, a little research revealed that it is made by a Polish company.  The official website is in Polish and English, but there is a lot of contents missing on the latter version.  Hence I couldn’t get to know more about the brand, sorry~

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Support tights in super affordable pricing.
⊕ Moderate to mild compression on the legs.
⊕ Reinforced panty with mild compression.
⊕ Slight sheen makes the legs the centre stage.

⊗ Fit smaller than the size chart suggests.
⊗ Several spelling mistakes on the packaging.

Packaging & product description

      The tights rolls around a thin cardboard and is wrapped in a plastic, transparent sleeve.  It is then placed inside a thick envelope made of cardboard.  One can see the colour of the tights through the opening at the top right corner of the envelope.  The product description, size chart and composition are printed on the rear cover.

      The product description on the packaging describes:


Lycra support tightst, double covering, half matt, reinforced panty with gussed, to stimulate the blood circulation and reduce fatigue.”

      As you can see, there are a few spelling mistakes, but the description is still understandable.

Appearance & texture

      Since the panty and the hose of the tights differ in many aspects, I will describe them separately.

      The box brief-shaped panty has a semi-opaque and matte appearance.  It measures approximately 29cm long.  According to the product description, the panty is reinforced but there is no additional design to suggest shaping effect.  The texture feels elastic but coarse.  The knitted waistband measures 3cm wide.  There is no tag or any other identification on the inner side of the waistband.  In addition, there is a gusset.

      The hose is sheer (20 denier) in slight sheen fashion.  It is roughly 63cm long, and is shaped to match the silhouette of the legs.  When the tights are lay on flat surface, the widest part at the thigh measures 13.3cm, and the area above the ankle is 8cm.  The tights has gradual support, with strongest pressure at above the ankle.  The pressure gradually eases as it reaches the thigh.  The texture is moderately soft and synthetic.  The toe section is reinforced, but without compression.

      The composition is 84% polyamide and 16% elastane.

Size range

      Veneziana uses numbers to represent their size.  It ranges from 1 (smallest) to 5 (largest).  I have included the size chart below.  Size 3 is used in this review.


      At the time of writing this review, there are 8 colours available online.  They are (from left to right): Nero, Naturale, Visone, Cappucino, Castoro, Grafitto, Neutro and Glace.  I have bought Natural for this review.  It is a very light nude shade, similar to Falke’s Crystal colour or Wolford’s Cosmetic shade.



      Working my way through the hose and getting the tights on was easy, thanks to its wide hose.  But then I realise it fall short of length.  It turned out that the tights are not particularly stretchy in every direction.  I had to stretch every inch of the hose to get the box brief panty to the right place.


      As you would expect, the fit was rather small to the size recommendation.  I don’t believe it can fit up to 178cm/50-55kg as the size suggests.  I would instead say a maximum of 170cm (55-60kg) to have a comfortable fit.  Thanks to the elastic panty, the tights didn’t bulge throughout the day.  The envelopment on the other hand, was pretty good both on the hose and on the panty.  I also had no issues with the waistband.


      As usual, the slight sheen instantly made the legs the centre stage.  The sheen itself was not evenly distributed, but was only noticeable in very close range.  Personally, I didn’t like the look of the panty, as it looked quite chunky and the knitting like ordinary hand towel.  I do however like the design of the toe section.  It has a distinctive narrow band to shape the toe and the colour matches that of the hose.


      The texture of the hose is smooth and somewhat synthetic.  It provides good breathability due to its sheer nature.  The panty on the other hand, are a bit rough to the skin.  I wouldn’t recommend wearing them without underwear, like my demonstration below.


      Following days of testing, I would say the support effect on the legs was mild-to-moderate on the entire leg.  This effect was gradually lost as the day comes to an end.  This was because the hose has little elasticity, and was stretched to maximum to fit my size.  It might perform better if the fit is good.  

      The panty is also reinforced but I would say the effect is mild only.  The pressure is evenly distributed on every part of the panty, with no emphasis on particular area(s).

Final words

      After a few days of wearing, I have to say the Relax 20 tights is really worth the price.  The tights were made in relatively good quality, has mild-to-moderate support to the legs, as well as mild support from the panty.  The only thing you have to make sure is to get the size right, which seems to run smaller than their size chart suggests.

      The price I saw on the Internet ranges from PLN11.99 to 14.00.  This equals to €2.75-€3.21, £2.42-£2.83, or USD$3.23-$3.77.  But I would assume the price is a lot higher once it is sold on markets using currencies other than Polish Zloty.

Veneziana Official Website (Polish/English)