August 2018 Newsletter

      I was going through my reviews to realise that I have 87 in total.  My friend told me that I have to write 1,000 reviews to become a master.  We will get there eventually.


      Last month’s review is characterised by brands I have never tried before.  Both are sheer tights, with an addition of opaque tights from Wolford.  You can read them from the link below if you haven’t yet done.

KUNERT continues celebrating 111th Birthday

      The company’s August special is focuses on will-be mothers.  They are offering 25% OFF on the Mommy range.  In addition, the “Double Pack”, which features two pairs of sheer tights in vintage packaging is still available for €15.


      I have to admit that I have been reluctant to write additional reviews and comparisons, as I wanted to use the yet-to-receive camera for better, sharper photos.  Therefore, the basic three reviews are likely to happen.  In the meantime, enjoy the summer break~