Review: Oroblù All Colors 50 tights

      Ever since I bought a pair of red-coloured opaque tights for my partner, I have been wanting to get one for myself.  Hence we can wear them at the same time, kind of like a couples outfit.  And this is what I bought – All Colors 50 tights from Oroblù.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Up to 29 colours to choose from.

• Cotton feel to the touch.
• A spacious panty, especially suitable for wide bottom.
• Can be worn back to front and vice versa.

Packaging & product description

      The tights were packaged using a folded cardboard that only cover parts of the item.  Mine was undamaged but do check for any snags or damages if you are buying from retail shop.

      On the back of the packaging, you can find product description in 6 languages, a size chart, wash labels and a QR code.  The code will link you to the official website, should you need further information.  In addition, the composition is shown on one side.

      The product description online and on the back of packaging are pretty much the same.  I have extracted the one online, which reads:

“Opaque tights made using Progress 3Dimension technology, very soft, compact and with a silky feel letting clothes glide over. Wide range of colours available. Flat seams, with cotton gusset.”

Appearance & texture

      The All Colors 50 are opaque tights (50 denier) in matte fashion.  When laid flat, the entire piece measures 98cm from waist to toe, and 27cm from waist to crotch.  The texture feels relatively soft and smooth.  The knitted waistband measures around 3cm wide.  In addition, there is a cotton gusset.

      The composition is 90% nylon and 10% elastane.

(Sourced from Oroblù)

Size range

      There are two sizes for this style: S/M and L/XL.  I have included the size chart below.  Size L/XL is used for this review.


      There are 29 colours listed on the official website but apparently, not every colour is available at the time of writing this review.  You can check the available colours from the link provided at the end of the article.  I bought Red 16 for this review.



      The fit was relatively fine.  The tights can to fit up to 180cm as the size chart suggests, but I didn’t feel loose or anything, thanks to its good elasticity.  I found the panty spacious.  To give you an idea, I could stretch the panty right up to the ribcage with ease.

      The envelopment was good on the panty and thigh, but not as good on the lower calf and feet.  This is perceivable given the tights did not undergo boarding.  The knitted waistband was elastic, and sits very well on the place.  In addition, I found the toe section to be wide.

      One more thing, since there is no tags and the tights didn’t undergo boarding, it can be worn back to front and vice versa.


      For me, the appearance looks more like semi-opaque (around 40 denier).  You can still see from one of the images below, the marking on my knee cap.  In another words, it doesn’t look as thick or bulky as it could be.  Also, instead of total matte, the tights has a very slight reflective sheen.  This is only visible when shined by direct sunlight.

      The Red 16 is a bright red with a touch of pink.  It is slightly lighter than the Red 8 shown on the website.

      There are places where colour is not evenly distributed.  They are not so evident unless viewed in close range though.


      The tights felt relatively soft and smooth.  Instead of the silky feel, I found it to be more like fine cotton.  The toe seam is rounded instead of flat seam.  It felt like stepping on a rubber band if the seam happens to be under the toes.

Final words

      The All Color 50 tights is a decent opaque tights that offer a wide range of colours with a cotton feel.  Its spacious panty makes the tights especially suitable for people with wide bottom.

      The tights is available for €12.95, £10.95 or USD$23.

Oroblù (English)