Review: Story Loris Knee-Highs

      I have always wanted to try hosiery made from cashmere and silk, but was hesitant because of the price.  Not this time though, as I got a huge bargain from Luxury Legs.

      A bit of background about the brand…  Story Loris was established in 1949 in Italy.  It makes stockings, tights and accessories for men, women and children.  The Company currently has around 1,500 retail shops across the globe.  Since 2015, Story Loris has been producing and distributing licensed collections of socks for women and men of La Perla.

      Of Note, Story Loris does not have a very informative website.  Neither online shop nor product catalogue is available in English or Italian version of the website.  For this reason, I have relied Luxury Legs for the specifications.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Very comfortable to wear.
⊕ The cuff has a good grip on the calf that lasts all day.

⊗ Not particularly a leg warmer as the fabric is not thick.

Packaging & product description

      The knee-highs were packaged using a folded cardboard that only partially covers the item.  Luxury Legs has the item in a transparent plastic sleeve for extra protection.  If you are buying it from a retail shop, do check for any damages.  The sticker on the front cover shows the product number, sizing and colour.  The one on the back shows composition as well as wash instructions.

      There is no product description online or on the packaging.  The description wrote by Luxury Legs reads:

“From the Italian brand Story Loris you will be selecting without compromise over 60 years of the finest craftsmanship, materials and design.  These beautiful stretch knee high socks are the ultimate luxury.  Made from a precious blend of cashmere, wool and silk. We are sure you will be delighted with your selection whether bought for a gift or for your own desire.”

Story Loris KH 01

Story Loris KH 02

Story Loris KH 03

Appearance & texture

      The knee-highs (product code: 27138) has an opaque and matte appearance.  It measures 18cm from toe to heel, and 38.5cm from heel to cuff.  The texture feels very soft and smooth.  The cuff is 7.5cm wide.  It has a different kind of knitting for higher elasticity.

      The composition is 31% cashmere, 31% silk, 26% wool, 10% nylon and 2% elastane.

Story Loris KH 04

Story Loris KH 05

Story Loris KH 06

Story Loris KH 07

Size range

      To the best of my knowledge, there are two sizes available: S (UK 3-5, EU 36-38) and M (UK 6-8, EU 39-41).  I have bought size M for this review.


      There were three colours available when I bought the pair.  They are Rubino Red, Tornado Grey Marle and Black.  I used Rubino Red for this review.



      The fit was perfect!  The length was exactly right and the cuff sat right below the knees.  The envelopment was relatively good on the feet and calves.  The cuff did have a strong envelopment.  It grips on the calves very well, keeping the knee-highs in place the entire day.


      The quality was impressive at first.  The knitting was beautifully done, and did have the look of fine-quality craft.  However, the knee-highs gradually became fluffy just after few days of wearing.  I suppose this is the nature of cashmere.  The knee-highs does have a very slight reflective sheen, like pearl shine.

      The fine knitting made the knee-highs look more like a pair of socks than knee-highs made of nylon.  In fact, there was no mentioning of women on the packaging, so I could assume it is unisex.

      The colour was evenly distributed.  In addition, there was very little residual dye after first wash.


      The knee-highs were very comfortable to wear.  They were very soft and smooth, and were not itchy to the skin.  The fabric was not thick though, so it didn’t take long for my feet to turn cold when the room temperature was below 10°C.

Story Loris KH 08

Story Loris KH 09

Story Loris KH 10

Story Loris KH 11

Story Loris KH 12

Story Loris KH 13

Story Loris KH 14

Story Loris KH 15

Story Loris KH 16

Final words

      I bought the pair for £15.  Now they are even cheaper: £11.25, which is 75% OFF the original price.  With its fine quality and comfortableness, it is really a bargain.