Review: VienneMilano SILVIA Opaque knee-highs (Updated: 11 Dec 18)

      The previous collaboration with Hēdoïne has opened a new chapter for ilovehosiery.  I have one further collaboration, and another showing interest.  This review describes the former: the SILVIA Opaque knee-highs sent from VienneMilano.

      Before we start, allow me to talk little about the Brand…  VienneMilano is an U.S.-based hosiery company that specialises in making stay-ups (a.k.a thigh highs).  It was founded in 2011 by Vienne Cheung, a stay ups lover who was frustrated by the lack choice of stay ups in the U.S. back then.  Their products are made from Italy, using high quality materials and the best possible craftsmanship.  Currently VienneMilano not only produce stay-ups, but also overknees and knee-highs.  The one reviewed in this article are part of their Fall-Winter 2018 Collection.


      The knee-highs were gifted by VienneMilano.  However, I have 100% freedom of expressing my thoughts in this review.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Very comfortable to wear.
⊕ Firm grip at the calf keeps the knee-highs in place throughout the day.
⊕ Bold and lively colour selection.

• One size only.
• No product info on the packaging.

Packaging & product description

      The packaging is plain and simple: the knee-highs are secured using a thin piece of cardboard.  It is then wrapped in a transparent plastic sleeve.  The VienneMilano-signature sticker is single-use only, and will leave marks once the package is opened.  The product description and specifications are not printed on the packaging.  They are only available online.  It reads:

“Rich in color and supple to the touch, SILVIA Forrest Green knee highs add a touch of tenuous glamour to your outfit of the day.”

  • One size
  • 50 denier
  • Versatile and comfortable
  • Soft and smooth
  • Invisible reinforced toe

VienneMilano SILVIA KH 01

VienneMilano SILVIA KH 02

VienneMilano SILVIA KH 03

VienneMilano SILVIA KH 04

Appearance & texture

      The SILVIA are knee-highs in opaque (50 denier) and matte fashion.  The texture is very smooth to the touch, and pretty stretchy.  The total length measures 43cm when laid on flat surface.  The cuff is 1cm wide.  Immediately below the cuff is an elastic band measuring 5cm wide.  It has more tension than the rest of the hose.  The circumference is 18cm.  The knee-highs appear to not have undergone boarding, thus you can wear them back to front.  The toe section is lightly reinforced (shadow toe).

      The composition is 86% Nylon and 14% Spandex (elastane).

(Sourced from VienneMilano)

VienneMilano SILVIA KH 06

VienneMilano SILVIA KH 07

VienneMilano SILVIA KH 08

Size range

      There is only one size for this style.


      At the time of writing this review, there are 8 shades available.  They are: Forest Green, Titanium Gray, Taupe, Cinnamon Brown, Pearl Gray, Olive Green, Diva Red and Mustard Yellow.  The images from VienneMilano’s website gives a good illustrations of the shades.  I received 3 colours in total.  The Forest Green was my choice, while Pearl Gray and Olive Green were the Founder’s favourites.



      The fit was excellent.  The cuff sat right below the knee, with some room for manoeuvre.  There was also a very good envelopment on the calves.  Notably, the elastic band provided a firm grip on the calves, so the knee-highs only budged down a bit throughout the day.  The cuff was relatively loose and thus didn’t leave significant marks on the calves after I took the knee-highs off.

      One note, the knee-highs were one size only.  I don’t expect it to provide the excellent fit I experienced if you are taller than 176cm (5’9″) or under 165cm (5’5″).


      Did you notice that there is no nude or black colour within the range?  It is instead filled with colourful shades that are also suitable for the colder days.  This is exactly how I felt: the knee-highs are bold and lively.  In addition, there was a tint of discreet sheen, visible under direct sunlight.

      The colour was almost evenly distributed.  There were long lines of uneven colour on both sides of the knee-high.  You have to look very closely to be able to see them though.

      Since I have three different colours, I played colour matching, which you can see in the images below.


      The texture felt particularly smooth and relatively soft.  The elastic band was wide enough to provide tension to a large area.  Hence I didn’t feel the calves being strangled by a stripe of pressure.  It also provide adequate warmth, particularly in Spring/autumn days.

VienneMilano SILVIA KH 10

VienneMilano SILVIA KH 11

VienneMilano SILVIA KH 12

VienneMilano SILVIA KH 13

VienneMilano SILVIA KH 14

VienneMilano SILVIA KH 15

VienneMilano SILVIA KH 16

VienneMilano SILVIA KH 17

VienneMilano SILVIA KH 18

VienneMilano SILVIA KH 19

VienneMilano SILVIA KH 20

VienneMilano SILVIA KH 21

Final words

      The SILVIA Opaque knee-highs has bold and lively colours and are very comfortable to wear.  They are especially suitable for Spring/Autumn days.  The only drawback is that it is only available in one size, thus not suited to all people.

      The knee-highs are available for USD$10.95.  VienneMilano has worldwide shipping, so you can order from their website directly.



  • For a limited time, you can enjoy a USD$10 flat rate shipping for international orders.  No code required.  Offer ends on…  Well, VienneMilano hasn’t stated how long the period will be, hence I will update it once I hear from them.  (11 Dec. 18)

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