Hosiery can now be used to deliver medication

      An U.S.-based company Textile-Based Delivery Inc. (TexDel) has developed a method that allows active ingredients to be delivered to the body via clothing.  Specifically, ingredients are embedded in the fibres.  They are activated by the skin’s temperature and moisture, and release upon contact.  The product made from such ingredient-infused fibre, branded Nufabrx®, are already available online.

TexDel’s Nufabrx® yarn technology results in a fabric infused with active ingredients that can be delivered to the body.  (sourced from

      The SensationWool socks are made using merino wool and nylon fibres infused with capsaicin and a synthetic cooling agent.  The properties of the two agents, one warm and the other cool, provide temporary relief of foot-related aches and pains.  Yet this is just a beginning.

      According to Jordan Schindler, the founder and CEO of the company, the ingredients embedded in the fibres are not limited to any particular family of drugs.  It can include vitamins, supplements, anti-fungal treatments and a variety of medications.  Moreover, the effectiveness, after repeated wash and wear cycles, can last roughly six months.  It can also be applied to a specific area, according to the customer’s needs.  As quoted by the article in a statement from Yoel Fink, professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

“You’re no longer going to pay for the shirt. You’re going to pay for what that shirt does for you. You pay for the service and you get the fabric.”


Textile World – TexDel: Developing Textiles That Truly Deliver
SensationWool Socks

      Allan’s comment: we are likely to see hosiery with extra benefits towards well-being within our live time.

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