Review: Fogal Summercool tights

      I thought I’d never have the chance to review Fogal products but thankfully I was wrong.  Today’s focus is the Summercool tights from the reviving brand.  I bought it from UK Tights and according to the reviews, it had been available since 2013. (WOW!)

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Exceptionally elegant packaging.
⊕ High quality-made product.
⊕ Powdery effect on the skin.
⊕ Firm hug on the legs as if having a light-to-moderate leg support.
⊕ Pressure-free knitted waistband.

⊗ No size chart on the packaging.
⊗ Can be stuffy despite being ultra-sheer.

Packaging & product description

      The tights is secured using a thin piece of cardboard.  It is sandwiched between a two-fold cardboard.   The whole thing is then wrapped in a transparent plastic sleeve.  There is one fold on each side of the front cover, making it look three dimensional.  I have to say I like the design very much, though it uses slightly more material.  On the centre of the rear cover, there is a big rectangular opening, which allows you to see the colour and texture of the tights.  A short description of the style in three languages, as well as composition and wash labels are printed around the opening.  I found it quite interesting that there is no size chart printed on the back of the packaging.  I am not sure if this is a single case or was common back then.  By the way, the style was made in Italy.

      The description on the back of the packaging reads:

“Ultra sheer, 10 den appearance, comfortable knitted waistband.  The toe seam is placed at the sole.”

Fogal Summercool 02
Fogal Summercool 03
Fogal Summercool 04
Fogal Summercool 05

Appearance & texture

      The Summercool are ultra-sheer (10 denier) tights in matte fashion.  It is sheer-to-waist, and the total length of the tights is 71cm when laid on a flat surface.  The length from the waistband to gusset is 17cm.  The texture feels relatively soft and smooth.  The knitted waistband measures 3cm wide.  Immediately under the waistband is a 2cm-wide fingerband.  It extends to both sides of the centre seam, forming a T-shape look.  There is a gusset.  The dorsal part of the toe section is not reinforced, but 2/3 of the sole, including the section underneath the toes, are lightly reinforced.

      The composition is 75% Nylon and 25% Elastane.

Fogal Summercool 06
Fogal Summercool 07
Fogal Summercool 08
Fogal Summercool 09
Fogal Summercool 10

Size range

      Since there is no size chart on the rear cover, I couldn’t be certain if the size range is identical to other Fogal products I reviewed before.  I chose size M based on my previous experiences with other styles by Fogal.


      At the time of writing this review, I found colours Blossom, Plage and Noir on the Internet.  There may be more selections out there.  The colour I bought for this review is Nude.



      The size M fitted me perfectly.   The was also a very good envelopment, especially on the legs.  The tights hugged the legs firmly, as if there is a light-to-moderate support on the legs.  The waistband did not roll down or sag – something I didn’t expect from a relatively narrow waistband.


      The appearance was fabulous!  The ultra-sheer nature made it nearly invisible.  Yet, it has a powder effect which blurs all spots and blemishes.  Moreover, it has a discreet sheen, which is like a pearl-like glitter under direct sunlight.

      From the overall look, the use of the yarns and the even colour distribution, the tights were shown to be made in very high quality.

      Like other Fogal tights I reviewed before, the toe seam has a tendency to slip under the toes.  Thus the toe seam is practically invisible.  Also, due to the nude colour nature of the tights, the reinforced sole was very hard to spot.

      One notion I didn’t quite understand is why Fogal did not incorporate a reinforced toe.  Given the toe seam is place at the sole, a reinforced sole would only provide partial protection.  May be the style was designed to be sandal toe.


      The texture felt very soft and smooth.  It is very thin, like a second skin on the legs, and indeed very comfortable to wear.  I didn’t feel any pressure from the waistband, which was magic!

      With regard to breathability, the tights did trap heat more than I expected.  It became stuffy under direct sunlight, when there was no wind. Having said that, this was also partly due to the outside temperature being 32 degree Celsius.

Fogal Summercool 11
Fogal Summercool 12
Fogal Summercool 13
Sandal toe.
Fogal Summercool 14
The reinforced sole is evident. Toe seam naturally slip under the toes.
Fogal Summercool 15
Fogal Summercool 16
Discreet sheen under sunlight.

Final words

      Like any other styles, Fogal’s Summercool tights have some interesting features.  I particularly like its design, the quality and the pressure-free waistband.  Its strengths outweigh the drawbacks.

      The Tights is not available on Fogal Online Shop or UK Tights.  If you want to try it, you have to get it from other places online.  Alternatively, Fogal’s All Nude tights are also ultra-sheer with the same reinforced sole. you can find my review here.