Review: Heist The Nude (early 2019; Updated: 08 Nov 19)

      I reviewed The Nude sheer, seamless tights from Heist Studios in early 2017.  Since then, the style has undergone several updates, notably bigger size options and more colour selection.  So I asked Heist to see if there is any other changes before I update my review for the style.  They responded me with a pair of the new version to try out, and hence this review.

      As there are now two versions of the review, I named the previous version “early 2017” and the current one “early 2019”.  The previous version is no longer available on the shelves.

      The tights was given by Heist Studios.  However, I have 100% freedom of expressing my thoughts on these tights.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ More comfy feel than the previous version.
⊕ The waistband does not dig, sag or roll.

⊙ Reflective sheen maintained.

⊗ Rough edges on the thin cardboard cause snag on tights.
⊗ Lightly reinforced toe was narrow and tend to slip under the toe, making the design impractical.

Packaging & product description

“Wow, such a huge box!”

      I have seen the packaging on Heist’s Instagram, but it wasn’t until I see the box in my hands that I realise how big it is.  To give you an idea, the box measures 34.5cm long, that’s nearly 5cm longer than an A4 size paper.  It can also fit two boxes of the previous version of the Nude, and still have space for something else.  

      Inside the box, you will find a black envelope made of cardboard.  It uses a hook to open/close, and sealed with a black-coloured sticker.  Once you open the envelope, you will see the tights wrapped around a thin piece of cardboard.  It contains a brief description about the brand and motivation behind their work.  In addition, the specs are provided on the rear bottom of the envelope.

      There is no product description on the packaging, so I have extracted it from online.  The description reads:

“Our 18-denier tights come in seven shades of nude. Invisible, and with a barely-there feel.”

  • No rolling.  Our adaptive waistband is designed so it won’t roll, twist, or dig into you. Mid to sit on your hips, or High to cover your stomach.
  • No gusset.  Our seamless design means a toe-to-toe tube. Uncomfortable centre-seams are a thing of the past.
  • No sagging.  Our innovative yarn has 5,000 spirals per inch. Long story short, it’ll last the test of time.
  • Just you.  We design our tights with only you in mind. The result: total freedom and comfort.
Heist The Nude 2019 03
Heist The Nude 2019 01
Heist The Nude 2019 04
Heist The Nude 2019 05
A hook that is used to close the envelope.
Heist The Nude 2019 06
You can see the thin cardboard has rough edges.
Heist The Nude 2019 02
The current version has a much bigger box than the previous one.

Appearance & texture

      The Nude are sheer (18 denier) tights in matte fashion.  It is sheer-to-waist.  The total length of the tights is around 84cm, when laid on a flat surface.  The length between the tip of the waistband and crotch is 16cm.  The tights feels very soft and smooth.  The knitted waistband measures 10cm wide.  Its circumference is around 50cm.  There is no tag on the inner side of the waistband, and no gusset.  The toe section is lightly reinforced.

      The composition is 64% polyamide and 36% elastane.

Heist The Nude 2019 07
Heist The Nude 2019 08
Current version (Left) and the Old (Right). You can see the subtle difference in colour.
Heist The Nude 2019 13
Heist The Nude 2019 09

Size range

      The size ranges from UK4 to UK14.  I still have the size chart made by Heist a while ago.  The numbers are accurate apart from the Waist in inches for UK4.  It is now 30-32 instead of 31-33.  I received UK10 for this review.

Heist Studios seamless tights size chart.


      There are 7 colours available for the style, ranging from 10 to 70.  You can glance the difference in the image below.  I have chosen the 30 for this review.

(Sourced from Heist Studios.)


      First of all, be careful when you separate the tights from the thin cardboard.  The one I received have rough edges, and I had to carefully untangle the snagged part.


      The fit was good.  The size recommendation stated UK10 is suitable for waist between 26 and 28 inches.  Yet, I didn’t feel any tightness on my 29″ waist.  With regard to the length, I am slightly dubious that the tights can fit up to 193cm (6’4″) as Heist suggested. The tights are very elastic alright, but I experienced huge amounts of tension when I lengthen the hose section over 120cm with my hands (like stretching a rubber band). I would say up to 180cm (5’11”) for UK10 is fine.

      The envelopment was good at the legs and somewhat loose on the panty.  This was probably due to the wide panty and waistband.  As Heist promised, the waistband didn’t dig, sag or roll down.

      Heist seemed to have dropped the tag on the inner side of the waistband.  Thankfully, the foot is shaped, hence not too hard to differentiate front and back.


      The matte appearance turns into reflective sheen when shone by direct sunlight.  I was glad that Heist kept this feature.  The stitches on both side of the panty are made smaller, thus not as obvious as the previous version.  In addition, the colour was evenly distributed and looked gorgeous!

      Heist stated that the Light colour of the previous version equates to the 30 in the current version.  However, there is actually a subtle difference.  The current version looked “warmer”, more tanned (see image below) than the previous one.  If you happen to like the colour of the previous version, your best option is to choose another shade.

      The lightly reinforced toe was a bit weird.  It is made very narrow, and gradually slipped under the toe in my case.  Thus, it became invisible toe, and offer no protection against rough nails.


      Unlike the previous version, which has a somewhat synthetic feel, the current one felt very soft and smooth.  It was also quite silky to the skin.  Needless to say, the breathability was good thanks to its sheer nature.

Heist The Nude 2019 11
Heist The Nude 2019 12
Heist The Nude 2019 14
You can see the reinforced toe is very narrow, and only cover a fraction of my toes.
Heist The Nude 2019 15
Heist The Nude 2019 16
Reflective sheen shown on the calf.
Heist The Nude 2019 18

Final words

      Heist Studios has made a lot of improvements to the Nude.  Notably, a longer hose and a wider panty, as well as a better feel.  Now the standards are high, I do wonder what Heist could further improve from here.

      For pricing, the Mid Waistband Option is £19, €26 or USD 32, and the High one is £21, €30 or USD$36.  Heist Studios do offer special deals from time to time.  They ship worldwide, or if you happen to be in London, you can visit their shop in Covent Garden.  I have also heard that plus size will be available soon.

Heist Studios the Nude (English)

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  • Changed the Low Waistband Option to Mid Waistband Option. (08 Nov 19).
  • Corrected the description regarding the height and waistband size in the Fit section. (07 Mar 19)