Hēdoïne officially adds new colours for The Nude

      Actually, if I am not mistaken, the colours has been present on the Hēdoïne website for a while.  An official announcement means the name of the shades has been finalised and there is stock for each colour and size.

      Together with the original one, the 4 colours are (from light to dark) Invincible Pearl, Vivid Champagne, Smoky Whisky and Spicy Praline.  All shades are available in low and high waistband option, and from size XS to L.  Size XL-XXL will be available from April.  If you’d like to order, simply head over to Hēdoïne’s website.  They ship worldwide.

Invincible Pearl
Vivid Champagne
Smoky Whisky
Spicy Praline

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