July Newsletter – Back to the chilly world

      How are you all?  I just got back from the trip to the Baltic Sea and Germany with my partner and my mum.  We haven’t had a family trip for more than a decade, so it was a bit unfamiliar for all of us.  Yet, my mum loved it, and the journey was fruitful.

      I managed to buy a few pairs of tights during the sale whilst in Europe, and bought a lot more online when I arrived home.  How about you?  Did you managed to strike a bargain during the sale?


      Last month’s review included a collection of sheer tights, which happened to suit the ever-increasing hot summer in the Northern Hemisphere.  Notable mentioning include the Maria Innovation tights, which is made from 100% recycled material.  The Pure 10 tights from Wolford are the softest and smoothest tights I have ever reviewed.  If you missed any of the reviews, feel free to read in your own time from the links below:

Wolford Pure 10 20

Glossary is back

      I introduced my own version of hosiery glossary in the last theme, but this was taken off when I adopted the current theme.  I have amended the contents and added the glossary back at the bottom of the website (see image below).

Pretty Polly turns 100

      Do you know about this brand?  Well, I am not from the U.K. or USA so I know very little about it, but Pretty Polly just turned 100 year old😮  U.K. Tights has wrote a great article describing the Brand and its history, definitely worth reading:


      As usual, there will be three extensive reviews for this month.  I also planned to write something different…  Let’s keep it as a secret for now🤫

Cover photo: The ceiling in one of the rooms in the Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg.  Intricate patterns similar to these are used in hosiery as well.

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