Review: Wolford Chrissie Tights

      I picked up a few pairs of tights at one of the Wolford outlets while I was in Europe.  So I’d like to go through one pair per month, starting with the Chrissie tights.  It is an open-knit tights from the Spring/Summer 2018 collection.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ An appearance of sophisticated elegance.
⊕ Very comfortable to wear.
⊕ Very stretchy.

Packaging & product description

      The packaging is more or less the same as other Wolford hosiery I have review before.  It is self-explanatory in the images below.

Wolford Chrissie tights 03
Wolford Chrissie tights 04
Wolford Chrissie tights 05

      The product description online and on the back of the packaging are the same.  It reads: 

“Graphic-style net: Wonderful tights that feature a large diamond pattern over a net structure. The seamless panty section remains invisible under slim-fitting clothing.”

  • Sewn-on waistband featuring the Wolford logo
  • Perfect for lots of trendy styles

Appearance & texture

      The Chrissie are open-nit, fishnet tights in matte fashion.  It is characterised by double diamond-shaped mesh from panty to toe.  The total length measures 73cm when laid on a flat surface.  The texture are quite soft and stretchy to the touch.  The Wolford signature waistband is made from elastic band and measures 2.5cm wide.  It has plush on the inner side.  The length between the waistband and the crotch is 14cm.  There is a gusset and the toe section is not reinforced.

      The composition is 80% polyamide and 20% elastane.

Wolford Chrissie Tights promotional image (sourced from Wolford).
Wolford Chrissie tights 07
Wolford Chrissie tights 08
Wolford Chrissie tights 09

Size range

      The chart on the back of the packaging shows XS to XXL.  Now it would depend on availability.  I bought size S for this review.

Wolford Chrissie Tights size chart.


      Originally the colour selection includes Noisette, Deep Blue and Black.  Now it is again subject to availability.  Noisette colour is for this review.

Wolford Chrissie Tights colour selection.
From left to right: Noisette, Deep Blue and Black.



      The fit was fairly good.  Since the tights are very elastic, I’d say it could fit up to 177cm for size S.  The envelopment on the other hand, was fair.  The tights gently hug the legs.  In addition, the waistband was slightly tight.  I was left with a marking of Wolford logo on my tummy (may be I really need to be on diet).

Wolford Chrissie tights 12
Wolford Chrissie tights 13

      I love the look!  It gave a sophisticate charm that is hard to explain in words.  It just brought the wearer a level higher in terms of taste.

      The Noisette colour is like that of a hot chocolate with milk.  There is also a tint of taupe within.  Together it gave a earthy, grounded look.

Wolford Chrissie tights 16
Wolford Chrissie tights 14
Wolford Chrissie tights 15

      One of the concerns I have regarding fishnet/open-knit tights is that my skin can get itchy.  Buy hey, I didn’t encounter such issue with this style.  In fact, the tights felt very soft and comfortable – something I don’t usually experience in fishnet tights.  Also, as you would expect, the breathability was very good.

Final words

      I highly recommend Chrissie tights for its look and comfortableness.  Besides fishnets never go out of fashion.  The original price was €35, £31 or USD$61.  Now you can get it with a huge discount!

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