Review: Hēdoïne The EDGY (Mid 2019)

      Hēdoïne reworked the sizing for their seamless tights earlier this year.  They made minor adjustments to the length of the hose, as well as the circumference of the waistband.  Hēdoïne also added the XL-XXL size, which is never before available to any of their styles.  I had the opportunity to try out the EDGY in new sizing with two different sizes.  Hence in addition to the in depth review, I would like to share with you my thoughts on fitting.


      The tights were gifted from Hēdoïne.  However, I have 100% freedom of expressing my thoughts on these tights.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Attractive dual colour appearance.
⊕ Stable and comfortable waistband.
⊕ Great elasticity on the hose.
⊕ Reinforced toe and sole for longer durability.
⊕ Run-resistant.
⊕ New packaging is more eco-friendly.

⊗ Tag made of coarse material that rubs the skin.
⊗ Panty has a relative small room.

Packaging & product description

      One of the reasons I wanted to do this review is that Hēdoïne also revamped their packaging.  It now comes in a hard cardboard box, measuring 14.8cm x 14.8cm.  On the front cover you will see the name of the brand and the logo.  The specifications of the tights are printed on a sticker that is attached on the back of the box.  The tights are carefully folded into a square shape and place in the box.  There is no thin cardboard that keeps the tights in place!  The founders of Hēdoïne repeatedly stressed the importance of sustainability and I have no doubt they are moving towards this path in a fast pace.

      Like before, there is no product description on the packaging.  If you are looking for more information, you have to go online.  This is reasonable given that you can only order them online at the moment.

Hēdoïne The Edgy (Mid 2019) 02
Hēdoïne The Edgy (Mid 2019) 03
Hēdoïne The Edgy (Mid 2019) 05
Hēdoïne The Edgy (Mid 2019) 04
No thin cardboard within.

Appearance & texture

      The EDGY is sheer (20 denier) tights in reflective sheen fashion.  It is seamless, meaning no seams running through the centre of the panty.  The measurements of the tights are as follows:

  • Total length: 87cm
  • Waistband width: 9.5cm (low waistband option)
  • Waistband to crotch: 15.5cm
  • Total Length: 91cm
  • Waistband width: 16cm (high waistband option)
  • Waistband to crotch: 21.5cm

      The texture is fairly soft, smooth to the touch, and very stretchy.  The waistband is made from 40 denier black-colour patterned fabric folded together.  Thus it feels thicker than the hose.  There is no gusset at the panty.  Both the toe section and the sole are reinforced with the same fabric used on the waistband.

      The composition is 70% nylon and 30% elastane.

Hēdoïne the EDGY (high waistband option) promotional image (sourced from Hēdoïne)

Size range

      There are currently three sizes available for the style: XS-S, M-L and XL-XXL.  I have attached the size chart below.  I have the size M-L and XL-XXL for this review.

Hēdoïne tights size chart (sourced from Hēdoïne).


      At the time of writing this review, there are 4 colours available.  They are (from light to dark): Vivid Champagne, Martini Olive, Smoky Whisky and Spicy Praline.  The Martini Olive is a limited edition colour that has just been released in summer 2019.  The colour I received is Vivid Champagne for both pairs.

From left to right: Vivid Champagne, Smoky Whisky and Spicy Praline (sourced from Hēdoïne).
The limited edition Martini Olive colour (sourced from Hēdoïne).



      In addition to the two sizes I have for the EDGY, I also have the BOLD and the NUDE in size XS-S.  The BOLD is made using the new sizing while the NUDE uses the old one.  The images below give you an idea of how different sizes compare.  You can also see how the old size XS-S compares with the new sizing.

Hēdoïne The Edgy (Mid 2019) 07
Top: the BOLD in size XS-S; Bottom: The EDGY size M-L stacked on top of XL-XXL.
M-L seemed to have a slightly longer hose.
Hēdoïne The Edgy (Mid 2019) 08
Length difference between size XS-S and M-L.
Hēdoïne The Edgy (Mid 2019) 09
Difference of waistband width between XS-S and M-L.
Hēdoïne The Edgy (Mid 2019) 10
XS-S (new sizing) and XS-S (old sizing) stacked on top of M-L (new sizing).


      The fit was good and true to the size recommendation.  There were certainly rooms for taller people.  Yet, as the tights are very elastic, there was no wrinkles around the knee or ankle.  The envelopment was relatively good.  The hug was more firm at the thigh.

      One characteristic of Hēdoïne’s tights is they generally have a very short length between the lower end of the waistband and crotch.  For me, the waistband is positioned more on the hips, and the tip of the waistband never reached my navel.

      In addition, both size M-L and XL-XXL provided full coverage of my sole (my foot is 25.5cm long).  Such could not be achieved with size XS-S.

Hēdoïne The Edgy (Mid 2019) 11
Hēdoïne The Edgy (Mid 2019) 12
Hēdoïne The Edgy (Mid 2019) 14
Size M-L reinforced sole provides full coverage to the sole.


      Thanks to high elastane composition, the tights fit without showing any signs of being too large.  Yet, I could still feel the tights having ample of room, as it only very gently hugged the legs.  The waistband is built for people with wider waists and thus for me it felt like pressure-free.

Hēdoïne The Edgy (Mid 2019) 15
Hēdoïne The Edgy (Mid 2019) 16
Hēdoïne The Edgy (Mid 2019) 18
Size XL-XXL also has a full coverage to the sole.

      The appearance was pretty much the same in both sizes and across generations.  The tights are generally matte but give a discreet sheen when shined upon.  The dual-colour is of course the main feature of the style, which I still find it very attractive.

      Like the old version, the reinforced sole is narrowed once it passes the ball of the feet (see image below).  Thus it is not visible unless wearing sandals or mules.

Hēdoïne The Edgy (Mid 2019) 13

      The tights felt very soft and smooth.  It was also very stretchy.  The breathability was also good on the legs.

      Hēdoïne has revised the circumference of the waistband for the new sizing.  The size XS-S waistband I have with the BOLD squeezed my 29″ waist.  Size M-L waistband gave a good hold on my waist without exerting too much pressure.  The XL-XXL, as you would expect, felt pressure-free.  In general, the waistband felt more firm, yet this didn’t compromise comfortableness.  Also, though having thicker materials for the waistband, I didn’t feel hot and stuffy at the waist.

      A problem I found across all sizes was that the panty has a relative small room.  This would be fine for women but men would find their genitals being squeezed, thus not so comfortable.

      Once again, I took off the tag on the front side of the waistband because it rubs my skin.  In addition, the reinforced soles were not particularly noticeable.

Final words

      The new version of the EDGY maintain the great features from the old one while having a clearer sizing.  I find the size chart Hēdoïne provided very useful.  If you have tried the previous version, the images in the sizing section can give you an idea of how new sizing fits you.

      The EDGY is available for £28 for low waistband option and £30 as high waistband option.  Hēdoïne offers discounts from time to time.  You can also save by joining subscription.

Hēdoïne the EDGY

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