October 2019 Newsletter – Welcome back!

      Hello my lovely readers and welcome back!  Got myself really tanned because the sunshine was especially strong. But yes, I had a wonderful time in Tokyo and Taipei.  


      I have 2.5 great reviews written in the past two months.  The Hēdoïne EDGY review is also a comparison review among sizes.  I also added the limited edition Martini Olive colour for the style yesterday (and therefore the 0.5).  The other review is the Silver Dust Tights from Wolford.  It is a pair of tights that is especially glittering when shined upon.  If you have missed any of these reviews, be sure to read them from the links below.

Hēdoïne The Edgy (Mid 2019) 24

Collaboration with Heist Studios

      ilovehosiery is now working with Heist Studios to provide you with the latest offers.  You can find out more about current offers here.


      I have already selected a couple of eye-catching hosiery for review.  Be sure to come and visit my blog from time to time.

      P.S.  The image was taken on the top of Mt. Fuji during sunset, when the shadow of the mountain is reflected on the sea of clouds.  The local named this: 影富士, literally the shadow of Mt. Fuji.