Can’t decide? Wolford has size measurements in numerals online

      If you are having trouble figuring out your size by looking at the size chart at the rear cover, then you are not alone.  I too struggle reading at the chart.  Fortunately, the chart on the Online Shop shows size ranges in numerals, which is easier to understand.  The unit of measurement changes depending on country.  For example, it is imperial on the U.S. website.  I have attached both metric and imperial units below.

Size chart in imperial units (sourced from Wolford U.S. website).
Size chart in metric units (sourced from Wolford Online Shop Austria).

      Size chart also include clothing and lingerie.  You can save the image into your smartphone so next time you enter a Wolford shop, you have the reference with you.

Wolford Online Shop U.S.
Wolford Online Shop Austria (English)