March 2020 Newsletter – Outbreak please go away

      The coronavirus outbreak surely have dominated the news headlines.  Since it can spread from infected people who show no symptoms at all, it is a disaster from prevention point of view.  I can only hope that a vaccine can be developed soon and in the meantime, you all are safe and sound.  From the review perspective, I always write at home in my free time and I have enough stocks to carry me to August.  Hence there should be very little disruption in the short term.


      Last month’s reviews are characterised by three unique pairs of hosiery.  The Step No Show Socks from Falke has the best heel grip I have ever reviewed so far.  The Wolford Twenties tights are a true classic, having been in the shelves for a time that is beyond my knowledge.  The Eco Recycled Yarn Tights are the first sustainable hosiery from the brand.  It features a soft feel with a box brief shaped panty.  If you missed any of the reviews, you can find them below:

Wolford Twenties Tights 20


      I am so happy that the climate has finally started to cool down and I can comfortably wear tights again.  As usual, there will be 3 reviews, and I will see if I can fit another.  In the meantime, enjoy the early Spring/Autumn and stay safe.

P.S.  The cover photo shows cows relaxed in one of Auckland’s inner city parks in a sunny afternoon, not showing any concern about the virus outbreak.