Hēdoïne releases 60 Denier seamless tights

      While the country is in the state of lockdown, Hēdoïne has been secretly working on a new product from home.

      Their newest creation: the BOLD 60 Denier tights, feature the iconic seamless appearance, extra wide waistband and fine yarns for soft feel.

      Made in the U.K, the tights are produced using responsible dying techniques.  It uses 99.98% less water to make than an average pair of tights.  It is also the first time that Hēdoïne collaborates with local manufacturers.

      Like other styles in the BOLD range, the 60 Denier tights comes in Black colour only.  There are 3 sizes available for the style: XS/S, M/L and XL/XXL.  In addition, Hēdoïne has used a new size for the waistband, which is 12cm wide.

      The BOLD 60 Denier tights are currently available for £30, €35.95 or USD$39 as one-time purchase.  You get 20% off if you are on term-subscription with Hēdoïne.  To buy or learn more about the style, simply visit Hēdoïne’s website below: